The Grace of Escarchas


On April 6, 2007 - A True Life In God prayer group members Sacred Heart Statue oozes oil, also blue and Gold Escarchas, Gold Coast Australia part 1 and The Passion of the Christ - Red and gold Escarchas, Australia

Margalida Castro, Colombian theatre/television actress, speaks of encounters with Our Lady. Escarchas showered upon her. Also gifts of miraculous photos.

Virgen de la Rosa Mystica graced with Escarchas -Tamaulipas, Mexico



Miraculous Video's

[See here] story and video interview with Father Kelly on the occasion of which the Mystical Rose of Coromoto frosted green (escarchas) days before being realised Regional Elections December 05, 2010. Maracaibo - Venezuela.


1. See/view video of Escarchas dusting Rosa Mystica card/room. 2 .See/view video where Escarchas/frosts coated nativity scene. 3. See/view video1 and video2 of a Christmas Escarchas/frost Miracle, Nicaragua. 4. See/view video Escarchas miracle in San Pedro, Mexico.