Christ of The Tears fulfills its 15th anniversary




October 3, 2010 - Reported [here]. Translated from Spainish. Today marks the 15th anniversary of the Christ of tears, many people attended the Chapel of St. Peter to the act of celebration that began since last Sunday, devotees were present with much fervor to make requests and acknowledgments. Jackelyn Cuellar, follower of Christ tears, says it is a gift from God because from the moment that tears and blood exhaled has placed its faith in the holy. "We need to value and above all learn to participate in these events," he said. Meanwhile, Vanessa Quiroz, who lives near the [Chapel of San Pedro], says he has received blessings from attending Masses that are broadcast with much joy to pray for his family and the Christ can mediate for their orders. "Everyone is busy in politics but no one pays interest to God," he said. For the same acceptance, religiosity of the people was that the church provided the authorization and the veneration of the Christ of the Tears for those who need to draw near to God do so.