Reported new Christ exudation of Tears




The Image of Christ of Tears last night.



June 3, 2012 -Reported [here]. Rough translation from Spanish. The Image of Christ of the Tears of St. Peter came to shed tears of blood causing admiration again believers who these days has a religious program on the occasion of the seventeenth anniversary of the event considered supernatural. According personnel is responsible for the image Belzu Street Chapel, the figure turned to tears of blood oozing on Sunday at 18:15, when devotees were preparing to pray the novena. At the same time, the image of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception also exuded tears last week, said one of the people present yesterday, who preferred to keep his name confidential. Believers interpreted as a manifestation of God's intention to call his people to faith and peace.

For this week, religious activities are planned for the anniversary of the picture, the first bleeding would have occurred in 1995. For now plans to pray the Rosary (1800), the Ninth to the Christ of Tears (1800), Mass (1830) and Ricardo Castanon conference, researcher sought the origin of the blood and of tears in the images. All these activities will take place in the Parish of San Pedro, on Avenue Heroines. The image belongs to the family Urquidi Arevalo, who had a chapel built exclusively for images. The first manifestation of tears occurred in March 1995, and April 2 of that year was oozing blood, according to the family.