A Mass to remember the 19 years of Christ who cries




October 3, 2013 - Reported [here]. Rough translation from Spanish. A Mass to remember the 19 years of Christ who cries. A large number of devotees went yesterday at six Masses were held to remember the first 19 years of tears and blood oozing Christ Crying in the chapel built at the home of the owner of the image Silvia Arevalo, on the San Pedro area.

According to tradition the image of Christ who weeps, it was acquired by Silvia Arevalo and soon after being placed in the house began to mourn and drew blood. The first event occurred on March 9, 1995. At that time only tears came. Subsequently, on April 2 of that year, the Christ began to ooze blood. Moreover, religious celebrations yesterday, with large numbers of people, on Tuesday April 2 will be two Masses at 17:00 and 19:00, in the Chapel of Christ of Tears, in the San Pedro .

In 2011, the Bolivian Episcopal Conference (CEB) formed a committee to analyze the case of Christ who cries. The group consists of the Archbishop of Cochabamba, Archbishop Tito Solari, Bishop of the Diocese of Oruro, Cristóbal Bialasik Bishop, and the Bishop of the Prelature of Aiquile, Monsignor Jorge Herbs. The commission submitted its report to the Assembly of the CEB and Rome. One who has studied the picture is Dr. Ricardo Castanon, who has incorporated its findings in the book The Story of a Sign. One of the results confirmed that human tears exuded image. It is estimated that up to June 2012 has exuded image 500 times. It is said that one of the answers to this phenomenon is reflected in Luke chapter 19, verse 38.