Eucharistic Miracle of Marisa Rossi October 4, 2001





Following from [here]. On October 4, 2001 H.E. Monsignor Claudio Gatti, Bishop ordained by God, celebrated the H. Mass to conclude a day of eucharistic adoration organized by the members of the community to beg the gift of peace. Marisa had not been able to come down into the chapel because her infirmities had become acute again, so she was attending the celebration through the radio.

After the consecration the visionary saw two lightnings lighting up her room and she thought they were simply the consequence of atmospheric perturbations. When Marisa stood up she noticed two hosts laid down on a wooden sculpture reproducing two hands that hold the chalice and the host and she saw Our Lady kneeling down, in deep adoration before the Eucharist. Marisa wondered: "Lord, why this miracle, since we have the Eucharist in the chapel?", and Jesus answered her: "Only if the men will come to Me, Jesus the Eucharist, they will obtain the gift of peace, otherwise a terrible war will break out that will spread many dead, dead, dead".

The meaning of the divine words leaves no doubts: only the Eucharist will be able to rescue the world from a catastrophe. The people present in the chapel were invited to come into the house to realize the miracle and they continued the eucharistic adoration until midnight. The hosts emit the particular scent which indicates that they were brought by the Mother of the Eucharist.

[See/view] A host came out of the chest of a Crucifix and flew like a white butterfly through the glass and the host landed on outside of the glass for Marisa. For many decades Our Lady has appeared in private to [Marisa Rossi] in Rome and she has given God's messages for all mankind about the Eucharist which is the heart of the Catholic faith. In June 1993 she asked in the name of God that the messages be made public and since 1995 many [Eucharistic Miracles] have happened. Our Lady said:

I am The Mother of the Eucharist, know Jesus' word. Love Jesus the Eucharist. Since 1971 Marisa Rossi has been assisted by the Bishop Claudio Gatti, her spiritual director, who founded the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza -"Madre dell'Eucaristia", a prayer movement for the "Triumph of the Eucharist". H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti acknowledged the supernatural origin of the apparitions and of the Eucharist Miracles (Decree of September 14th 2000). The apparitions ended with the visionary's death, happened on August 8th 2009. Learn more about these events [here], [here] and [here].