List of Catholic visionaries

Our Father


Lorna Byrne (Youtube, Facebook)
Vassula Ryden (Greek Orthodox)

[Seers2] a yahoo group that has alleged messages to seers, some catholic news, prayers and prayer requests.

My heart is sad when I think that the subject of apparitions of Jesus and The Virgin Mary are ignored by the media. Newspapers, TV should be covering these miracles as the biggest stories of all time. There are documented undeniable miracles associated with these apparitions. But sadly it seems sports players and movie actors, technology, greed, gossip are the headlines the masses are feed. It baffles me to think that the papers only add these events to the oddly enough section. Are we so far and so out of touch from what we really are? So lost in a sea of materialism that the mere mention of the miraculous causes people to look at you as if you have the plague.