Escarchas appear after Holy Relics Visitation at Our Lady of Fatima Prayer Group fellowship meal - Oahu, Hawaii




August 25, 2012 From [].The August prayer meeting at the Gruber home was a wonderful event filled with FAITH, and later followed by FUN and lots and lots of FOOD!  We had the joy of welcoming new participants to our little circle of prayer, which included an entire family... and it was an inspiration  for me to see them - mother and father with their three young children praying together; the parents setting an example of prayer for their kids - it was a beautiful example of faith in action.
As part of tonight's gathering, I also shared the life-story and [1st and 2nd Class (hair/clothing) relics] of St. Maximilian Kolbe, whose courageous sacrifice on behalf of a condemned prisoner never fails to impress my listeners.  And by special request from our host, my 1st Class (bone) Relic of St. Peregrine Laziosi - the [Patron Saint] of Cancer Patients - was also brought to the prayer meeting as there were several people suffering from cancer who we were offering intercessory prayers for.The intensity of our prayer intentions was afterwards lightened by a delicious potluck dinner, which we shared in the spirit of  love and  Christian fellowship.  A special sign of the Blessed Virgin's maternal presence among us was also evidenced, via the appearance of [Escarchas], which we later discovered sprinkled on different areas of the dining room table and on the floor near the host-family's home altar.