Virgin Mary statue sweats oil in Paraguay





The Blessed Mother sweats oil, water Our Lady oozes oil, Paraguay Mother Mary sweats oil, water


Translated (rough) from Spanish. August 10, 2012 - Reported in [Spirit] from [here]. Villeta, Paraguay. - The owners of the house where worship, neighbors, people inside and outside the country to consider a blessing, and the oily liquid has healing powers, in gratitude, healed people built him a shrine, with stone waterfall and all the miracles granted, commented devotees of the Virgin.

A Chronicle news crew visited on Wednesday afternoon, the shrine erected in the yard of a modest home in the San Isidro district, just 300 meters from the banks of the Paraguay River, and minutes from downtown "industrial 'Mary Magdalene Arrúa Rhodes (53), a housewife, who said she was healed of cancer, told how the Virgin Mary of the Mystic Rose began to manifest. "A little more than three years, the smaller image came to visit me, I was sick, and came to manifest, then had to return. While she was here, started splashing water upwards in the courtyard outside. We felt that we dripped water, we felt slightly drizzling during drought, good weather. Also water started dripping through her ​​rosary, "said Na Maria, as we watched the smaller image has a rosary hanging to it, and in part will instroducida to a glass of water without overflowing. Mysteriously, the rosary constantly dripping water, inexplicably, as there is no chance of the vital liquid run or walk up the rosary.