Miracle of the Multiplying Oil in Container


2 days later you can see (top right photo) that the cotton-balls contain more oil in them. 3 days later: (bottom left photo) not only are the cotton-balls more drenched in oil, but oil has started to accumulate in the container. The container is starting to fill up.



True Life in God (TLiG) Prayer Group, Gold Coast, Australia - On Saturday 31st July 2004, Marianne took two cotton-balls and wiped the oil in the palm of her hands with them. She then put the cotton-balls in a small crucible-like container decorated with a picture of the Child Jesus embracing the Mother of God.

Later in the day Marianne commented to me that it seemed to her that the oil on the cotton-balls was increasing and that they were becoming more and more drenched in the oil. Not knowing how much oil was taken off her hands initially, my first reaction was: “We’ll wait and see what happens”.

The next day, Sunday, I had forgotten all about the container and did not pay any attention to it. On Monday, 2nd August, I decided to look into the container to see if there were signs of oil increasing on the cotton-balls. As you can see in the picture below, not only had the oil on the cotton-balls increased noticeably, but oil had started to gather in a patch in the container itself.

On Tuesday 3rd August, oil had accumulated in the bottom of the container. Also, tiny red marks were visible in the oil and alongside the edge, as if there was some kind of precipitation. The strong incense that comes from the cotton-balls is the same as that coming from Marianne’s stigmata wounds.