Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal cries in San Luis, Argentina




Images from news report.


October 14, 2012 - Reported [here]. Rough translation from Spanish. See video news report [here]. Neighbors moved by the image of a weeping virgin.

The phenomenon occurred in the San Luis XV. Its owner improvised an altar where people come to pray and worship it .Mabel Molina lives in the house 16 apple C San Luis XV neighborhood. Like every morning got up and lit a candle to the image of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal which is printed on a plastic tarp on one wall of the room where he used to have a business. "I pray for my mother who is very ill and suddenly feel creaking shelf. I look up there and see her as she cried, and then I put my hands over hers, "said the hostess about the episode that led to the arrival of hundreds of people to worship the Virgin.

Mabel said she asked a photographer who portrayed the figure of the Miraculous Medal which is in the neighborhood Rawson and then printed onto a sheet of rubber of 1.50 meters high and 85 centimeters wide is now the star of this history. People come to the makeshift shrine and leave flowers and candles. There are two counters where they accumulate some stamps and a statue of St. Expedite. Neighbors arrive, greet Mabel, cross themselves and touch the image still maintaining the brands of suspected miraculous tears flowed.

Silvia is a friend, neighbor and sacristan of the chapel of San Martin de Porres. She was the first to confirm the fact: "Mabel has had several manifestations of Mary, so we came to get me and ask me to make. And when I saw the picture of the route had marks of tears that came out right from the eyes. "