Miraculous painting of the Virgin Mary of Mantua




Miraculous painting of the Virgin Mary of Mantua. Trimmed with a rich frame of silver, the history of this picture is briefly captured in the reliefs on the base. According to the legend, the picture hanging on a tree near the village of Mantua, was shot by a soldier. Blood spurted from the spot where the bullet hit, and the rebounded bullet hit the shooter. From that time on, the picture was kept in Mantua as miraculous.

In 1626 the village of Mantua had to surrender to the Austrian army led by Count Aniballe Collalto. The count took the picture as war spoils to Graz and there he handed it to Anne Filicitas Steuzler of Grünberg. After the death of the count, she moved to Prague and gave the picture to her confessor Father Cyril who was custodian of the Church of Maria and St. Anthony of Padua- Infant Jesus of Prague.