Mother of God flowing tears Terespol, Poland



Pilgrims visit Our Lady.



October 20, 2010 - Reported [here]. Rough translation. Miracle in Terespol. Our Lady is crying. Blessing for the Podlasie. With a copy of the icon of Our Lady of fulfilling requests quickly fragrant oil flows. Every Sunday in church in front of the image Terespol praying faithful flock. Miracle in Terespol: On Sunday, October 10 to the church in Terespol, where there is weeping icon Archbishop Abel arrived, Bishop of Lublin-Chelm. He spoke about the special blessing for the land south of Podlasie. But it all started much earlier in the home state of Terespol Popławskich. 16-year-old Luke Poplawski saw the sight of the Mother of God flowing tears.Icon of high school students brought the Orthodox parish, Fr. Jaroslaw Moose.

Luke wanted to reproduce the famous icons of miraculous healings from the holy mountain Athos. I bought it in Luck says Fr. Jaroslaw Moose. A boy from an early age is associated with the church. He was in a workshop performance of the same icons and trying to ikonopisania notes cleric. Boy with tears on the icon notified pastor. Drops of fragrant oily substance flowed heavily from Madonna's eyes and one of its three stars (on the icons on the forehead and on the shoulders of the Virgin Mary presented three gold stars, the symbols of the Holy Trinity - ed. Red).

The news of the miracle spread quickly after Terespol and surrounding area. Home country Popławskich pilgrims started coming to pray. - Not advertised any miracle. However, the decision was made to move the icon to the church - tells Andrew Bouble, a spokesman for the Orthodox Diocese of Lublin-Chelm. Icon of the Mother of God "Quick fulfilling requests" has been moved to Terespolska church on the eve of the parish.