Healing from the Mother of God's flowing tears Terespol, Poland.

Richard Ferens of Terespol: Mother of God healed me.




October 21, 2010 - Reported [here]. Rough translation from Polish. Richard Ferens of Terespol: Mother of God healed me. Richard Ferens in Terespol known and widely respected person. For many years he was a teacher of music and Russian.As he says, is a rationalist, and down-to-earth.

That's why I stand before you and give testimony - in my life occurred extraordinary things - he says. Mr. Richard for years to suffer from difficult to diagnose pain in the spine, which radiate the whole body. Sanatoriums, visits to the best doctors, expensive drugs - nothing helped.

In recent months, his condition deteriorated. - In the morning I could not move. A dull, throbbing pain was terrible - he says in the past, because of one and a half week feels great. - I do not take drugs, I was not a doctor, and everything is gone, and took his hand - he says moved. He is convinced that it is because of the icon of Our Lady.

As a Catholic, was rarely in the church. But when I heard about the miraculous image, I felt the need to go there - he recalls. When the church service on October 10 priest offered a blessing to the faithful with oil, which sailed out of sight of the Theotokos, did not hesitate a moment. He felt sure that it would help him. The priest made the sign of the cross his forehead. I thought the popłaczę - he says. Flushing, which then felt, remember, as if it had just touched.