Virgin Mary cries tears of blood Santa Fe, Salto Grande, Argentina




December 4, 2012 - Reported in video news reports [here], and [here]. Translated from Spanish. The Church looks at the phenomenon of crying virgin in a town of Santa Fe The image of the Virgen Desatanudos supposedly sheds tears of blood. It occurs in the town of Salto Grande.

The Catholic Church of Santa Fe analyzes an image of the Virgen Desatanudos supposedly cries blood in the small town of Salto Grande, which was attended by about 400 people who pray and make prayer chains. The pastor of the Church of Salto Grande, David ROGANI, said church officials "analyze the fact and so far do not deny or affirm that the Virgin crying blood" and added: "The local bishop speak at the event in the next hours "The image was discovered yesterday near 20.30 from a nurse workingin the Service to the Community Care (Samco) Salto Grande, 60 miles north of Rosario.

The phenomenon. At the office of the Health Center "is a statue of Madonna left there last August Paul Schemberger Apostolate of Mary, of Córdoba" said Telam Government Secretary of Salto Grande, Lucas Montironi. "The nurse Daniel Ledesma, who was on duty at the Samco, answered a phone call and when he turned on the light in the office, she found the Virgin crying blood, and saw that her feet and hands also had blood coming out," the official added .

Montironi immediately noted that "gave notice to the director of Samco" and minutes later, on the news, "in a town of just 2,500 inhabitants, there was a commotion" At 22, nearly 400 people had gathered in the Health Center to witness the fact who "prayed prayer chains and made to the image," said the official.

The image has a height of 40 centimeters in height, and the blood emanating from her eyes, hands and feet, is contained between the statue itself, and a nylon wrap that covers it. Church. "The Church does not say that the Virgin crying blood, but not denied nor confirmed, but we must be very cautious and wary of an alleged extraordinary or supernatural like this," said the pastor of Salta Grande, David Rogani.

He added: "we can say that is a striking phenomenon, and that is the image of the Virgin (Desatanudos), sure, but we have to see how things develop from here on." "The local bishop is already aware of this situation and will intervene in the coming hours. For now asked the faithful to pray and pray," said the priest.

Rogani stressed that "the only certainty we have is that the Virgin emanating from her eyes, hands and feet, a reddish color. The church will not be issued on a probability (that is blood, specifically), will take their time to answer about "he said.

The pastor said that between 20.30 yesterday, when it was discovered that the Virgin allegedly crying blood, and the early hours of this afternoon, "Almost all the people went to the Health Center to pray, and to observe the image of the holy. " As the village headman of Salto Grande, Juan José Galassi, in dialogue with the fact Télam called "amazing phenomenon" and said that the residents of the town located 60 kilometers north of Rosario "are in shock."

"People can not believe what is happening. Barely two hours after learning that the Virgin crying blood, I had about three hundred people in the place praying and praying," he said.

Update - December 12, 2012 - Translated from Spanish. Santa Fe: Confirms that the Virgin weeps blood. Analyses the liquid flowing from the statue's face confirmed that the blood gushes Virgin Salto. "Yesterday biochemistry, Dr. Morgade, performed the analysis and determined that it is blood, what he did was remove a sample of the fluid with a needle that was dry and gave it a 99.6 percent is blood", told The Capital Alicia Piazza, Samco guard medical Salto Grande.

Piazza also clarified that the statue of the Virgen Desatanudos not move from the property. "Only the change of location to a small courtyard to the rear which is similar to the front, so that we can function normally."

"Since becoming abnormal situation with the Virgin has generated a big fuss, then decided to take it out of the waiting room to function normally," Piazza confirmed this afternoon and said that the statue is not emanate liquid again. Piazza who is in charge of the guard in the afternoon, and on Monday reported that this phenomenon happened reached Samco people everywhere. "People come with health problems, bring photos, gifts, flowers, other localities as Alcorta, Rosario, San Luis, Carcarañá, Baigorria, San Lorenzo".

"Now you're seeing is going to happen on Saturday is the day of the Virgin Mary", the medical anticipated is still surprised by the particular phenomenon. In both said they talked with Paul Schemberger who took the picture on 10 August. "The guy who brought it, said he did not do anything to bring her virgin before and what happens is something abnormal."