Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus cries blood in Paraguay



Above is a photo of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that wept tears of blood.



August 13, 2013 - Rough translation from Spanish. Reported in centralpy.com. Video news report [here]. Following text from [here]. On Friday, August 10 began to mourn tears of blood a picture of the Sacred Heart in a house in the neighborhood Pitiantuta Fernando de la Mora, who is a city located in the  Central Department of Paraguay, and is part of the metropolitan area of Asuncion. It is one of the most populated cities in the country with about 160,000 inhabitants. The news spread like wildfire, and neighbors were far was the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus weeping blood. Many believers and not so crowded in the neighborhood Pitiantuta Fernando de la Mora.

Doña Petrona, said that last Friday, her husband noticed that the picture hanging on a piece was "tainted." Doña is devoted to the Divine Mercy, went to see what happened and found it was nothing more and nothing less than blood, "I smelled blood and was like any person." The first thing I did note was going to tell his neighbor and right there and people were quick to go watch and pray. "I'll leave here at home and we will make an oratory to come to pray and make their intentions," I do not know why this happened, but it has a lot of faith that it is God who manifests but for something positive.

The demonstration was presented directly to the person who least believed that these things were possible. The owner said that it cured his arthritis and it hurts no more his arm. Although, like all his family, Don Pablo Osorio is Catholic, he does not believe, or not believe, in certain rare events that people associate directly with divine messages. Last Friday, around 5 pm, lying on his bed and watched TV, at one point, got up to leave the bedroom and turned on the light.

"There I saw that the table of the Heart of Jesus, hanging on the head of my bed was a strange spot, dark, long and slender, ranging from the eye to the frame. I thought maybe it was a bug or something. I called my wife and, after looking at the picture for a while, she touched the spot and told me it looked like blood.For its part, the hostess, Petrona Acosta explained that the image put out so that people could pray and assured us that, in less than a week, she no longer feels practically on his left arm pains not let him sleep. "For me it is a miracle. You can say it cured my arthritis, "he said.

From all sides, by car, motorbike, walk, people came yesterday to the house of Don Pablo and Doña Petrona. Everyone wanted to see and touch the image of the Heart of Jesus weeping blood. In a litte while the place was filled with a crowd. With rosaries in hand, who had knelt and prayed. "I was on the bus and listened. I came to ask me to cure my spine and my heart. " - Viviana Flores