Our Lady of Seneca Street


New York barber Joseph Battaglia saw The Virgin Mary across the street from his home "Battaglia described the vision as a glowing figure outside his window, looking like a brilliant white christmas tree.



The above flyer is a 3 fold paper and very small so I typed out what it says:



Message to all the People in the World - Part 1


Justice must be restored for all the people on the world. I wonder if the President will read about the Virgin mary, "The Patrona". She came to me to notify the people of the world to stop fighting. I hope the President will hear the message and listen to my appeal to stop fighting and if he did not hear about my little Shrine, I hope he will read and listen to my appeal quickly. The Shrine and the picture of the Virgin Mary "The Patrona" was unveiled the 17th of September 1950, and there were thousands of people listening to the message from God thru the Patrona to me, that I did give to the people. This little Shrine is located at 847 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY near Lord street next to my barber shop.

I notified all the real American people of the U.S. who have children, boys or girls to send letters or telegraph the president f the U.S. to listen to my messages to the world; because I know what is going to happen, if the people insisit on fighting longer, we are going to lose millions and millions of people. So I pray that everyone will send a message to the president, Congress and Senators to stop talking abut war but talk about peace. Give the world real peace. That is what God wants. Listen to the world and how it stands now. Everyone prays for peace but they all want peace according to their ideals of peace. Everybody is right in his own way and nobody is wrong, wanting peace in his own way. You know who is wrong. The poor boys who lose their lives. Both sides are innocent.

This article was to have been printed in the paper last February, but the paper refused to print it. When I asked why they didn't put it in the paper they said they didn't want to mix in religion. I told them, "This is not religion, this is for the whole world." They said they did not want any religion squawk against them. I certify that i am 100% American Catholic and 100% Christian; but, I must do the bidding of God.



Message to all the People in the World - Part 2


Do you know what He means by "'or else?" think over these words and try to figure out what it means. Here is something for the people of America. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands; one nation indivisible with Liberty and justice for all.

Tell me, where is the justice for the poor people? Where is justice for me? Do you call it justice that because I am a poor man he won't allow me to deliver to him the message of God?

Now, I am Joseph Battaglia, I blame all the religions of the world for this trouble and constant flames all the time. Especially the Christians, Christians! Where are the Christians? Do you do what Christ tells you to do? Do you know the Ten Commandmentd of God? Do you know what God said, "Love your neighbors like yourself." Do we do it? If we do that, there we be a great world. No fighting and no wars. If we are Christians, why so many Christian religions, which fight against each other? Why can't it be all one?

I'm not influenced by anyone in the world. I am directed by God and the Virgin Mary. I shall do what God wishes and commands. Everyone is welcome to come to this shrine and pray. They will commit no sin. Jesus Christ is part of the shrine. His image is there. He is nailed to the cross. So, you see, you can feel free to kneel and pray - you will not be committing a sin. You can pray for them, you can honor them, you can adore them.

- Joseph Battaglia 847 Seneca Street, Buffalo New York.


The [address] of the shrine is 847 Seneca Street, Buffalo New York 14210.