Wanda Boniszewska



Above image is the grave of Wanda Boniszewska.

(1907 - 2003) Life on the Cross


Rough translation from Polish. - Stigma as an extraordinary religious phenomenon usually arouses keen interest. An example would be blessed. Catherine Emmerich, Marta Teresa Neumann and Robin, and more recently, particularly the figure of Saint. Padre Pio. Well, and our country was in a person stygmatyczkę Boniszewskiej Wanda, who died March 2, 2003 year.

The death was unknown, because she hid extraordinary signs of stubbornness and very carefully. But her character deserves attention. Boniszewska Wanda was born on June 2 (according to the old style 20 May) 1907 in New Stoneware farm, district and province Nowogródek. Her mother, Helena came from Vilnius. The family Boniszewskich born eleven children, some died in childhood. Wanda was the fifth child. First Holy Communion took Wanda May 31, 1918, in the parish church of St. Michael in Nowogródek. Wanda attracted to religious life. We are happy to take part in a procession in the parish church. From childhood years she wanted to be a nun.

January 6, 1925, she was appointed to the test to the Assembly in Vilnius. Took her perpetual vows Aug. 2, 1933, in Calvary. Since 1930 in the annals of the Assembly are becoming more frequent notes that Wanda s sick, it's going medical consultation, it must be because a fever, is weak and haggard look. Medical diagnoses were different bronchitis, tuberculosis, enlarged glands that oppress the heart. In addition to the specific treatment doctors recommend a good diet and stay in the fresh air. Therefore, since the spring of 1933 years s Wanda lived in Pryciunach near Vilnius, where the Sisters of the Angels had their house.

Pryciuński period in the life of Wanda was meant many unique favors. Witnessing the mystical experience s Wanda were her confessors, first, Fr. Thaddeus Makarewicz, then Fr. Czeslaw Barwicki. On several occasions, while in Pryciunach, Archbishop Romuald Jałbrzykowski visited his sister Wanda. At the date of July 19, 1936, in the chronicle of civil stated: "He Archbishop, Metropolitan of Vilnius, Romuald Jałbrzykowski, was attended by Pryciuny. (...) He joined the sister Wanda". It is sister Wanda asked for an exemption from the external signs of experiencing the Passion of Christ. However, the Archbishop recommended to adopt the grace which the Lord bestows upon her and surrendered to the will of God.

Was difficult for her is the will of God. However, it accepted the surrender, love and consciously, offering all the suffering for priests, religious orders, its Shareholders, for the Holy Father and Fatherland. Became a Victim of God, joining in the sacrifice of his beloved victim.

April 9, 1950 on the first day of Easter, was arrested about Ząbek, which for several years was hiding in a house in Pryciunach sisters, and Sister Rosalie Rodziewicz, and April 11 and as Wanda, followed by seventeen other sisters. Sister Wanda was placed in the building MGB Street. Generous in Vilnius, but the investigation period spent mostly in the prison hospital on Lukiszki. Investigative studies were completed September 19, 1950, and judgment of a special court hearing the MGB of the Soviet Union, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. As a patient, and therefore not fit for work, she was transferred to a prison in Outer Uralsk. There, she spent a lot of time in the prison hospital.

August 26, 1956, she was released from prison as wrongly convicted, and transported to the repatriation in Byków near Moscow. After returning to the Polish stayed in Chylice sequentially, in Bialystok, on September 2, 1964, in Lutkówce near Warsaw, and then from December 13, 1966, in Czestochowa. April 29, 1988, she was taken to Chylice (Konstancin-Jeziorna). She went to the Lord, March 2, 2003 year.


The spiritual life

The nature of the spiritual life of sister Wanda can provide the following statement to the Lord: "I was looking for the heart of my victim, who would want to spend as host for the fulfillment of my intentions. In your heart wants to rest my love that the world despises, insults, rejects . regret not make self-sacrifice. " The recommendation that is in Christ Wanda treated with all seriousness and dedication from a young age. As early as the age of seven she realized his mistakes, shortcomings and difficulties inherent nature, such that it was stubborn, quick to anger, fury, and even revenge. The light of God enlighten the soul and indicating how to give up all inordinate attachments and surrender yourself to Jesus. She gave herself the war without the slightest mercy: discipline, fasting, hard sleep, sleep deprivation for several hours and many other mortifications. All without the knowledge of their parents. The result was a strong anemia, which forced her to remain in bed for the winter.

The practice of mortification accompanied by Wanda lifetime in various forms. Evidence of this was the work and the helpfulness of the family home, but especially later in the meeting. Next mortification of the flesh try to provide a variety of services for others, sisters, render good for evil, watch the language, obey the parents first, and then the sisters break myself by taking classes unpleasant and unnecessary.

A unique place in the inner attitude is reverence for the Eucharist. Evidence of this was the desire of a small Wanda receiving Holy Communion., When she knelt at the boxes at the time of the award. An extraordinary, moving experience was joining the First Holy Communion.

Wandas depth experience is reflected in her mind: "Today, from early in the morning I feel a great desire for Holy Communion. Takes thinking about: What prompted Jesus to come into this world? Longing in the soul, about the darkness in arrears. Desire to increase stronger and stronger, until the pain turns. feels hungry you drink, please, Most Holy Blood. already so I feel a lot of pain that I can not describe, unless it can be compared to the passion of the soul Purgatory, which while still divides the eternal love of Jesus. I can see how Jesus connects to the priest at the sacrifice of the Mass. I saw the baby Jesus in the Tabernacle. Quickly then I went to the chapel, where he had a confession St. Jesus deigned to join with me in the Eucharist. now it was good and Cheerful "(24 December 1941).

Special feature of spirituality was a fervent devotion to Our Lady, which she appeared and instructed.

The role of the Blessed Mother in your life s Wanda says: "In times of experiments, the darkness of the soul, or fear, Mother of God was (...) my joy, Lit, Star, Mediatrix, Advocate. Due to the Virgin Mary was receiving help verbally at confessional before the head, by which I received from her living words sealed in the truth that it is from God (...) "(28 December 1967).

And here's subsequent testimony stigmatic on the topic: "(...) From living in Czestochowa (13 December 1966) my contact Ms. Jasna Gora was very clear. Often after Holy Communion. Felt elated, because next to his beloved Savior became abundant love and His Blessed Mother, Coredemptrix surrounding the (...) special love their sons - the priests. My thoughts and audiences were cheering and suffering, because the Immaculate Heart of the Mother wants to help priests and religious orders, the Church and the world. firmly Lady hurt over indifference, weak faith and lack of love ... " (1980).



Wanda s life was one continuous band of extremely severe suffering and pain. Only carefully by reading the events of her life, you can evaluate a large scale painful experiences. These included both physical suffering and spiritual dilemmas. Some of them probably would not be able to tolerate, if not for the support of Heaven.

Since childhood diseases accepted other people on your own. For example, when the father of Wanda boils because he could not move his head during field work and suffering, she took it on himself, so that his father has improved, and the girl obsypały boils. Another time a neighbor with several children fell ill and had to relieve who work. Wanda felt sorry for her and took the disease to each other. At other times, when the priest vicar in Nowogródek sermons could not speak because of a sore throat, Wanda took it on himself, and he joked that he recovered so quickly, but she could not.

The idea of ​​taking over diseases accompanied by Wandas lifetime, but for whom and what problems took over, it can not be determined because they usually remained a mystery to her. From an early age is still sinking in all sorts of diseases. Even as a child repeatedly passed pneumonia. Many passed through misunderstanding of its mystical states and trials of treatment by various doctors, different assessment of its health. Just these studies have been for her sometimes humiliating and painful. In particular, many diseases abolished in prison, described in his diary.


Stigma and ecstasy

In particular, however, a characteristic expression of suffering and experience the grace of Wanda's stigmata. Was a harbinger of the pain in the hands and feet, nail puncture in the Lord Jesus. She had this pain at the First Holy Communion. and the procession on the feast of St. St. Michael's Church. Michael in Nowogródek. Very severe pain overwhelm her when handling station Passion in Calvary, where she took part in the pilgrimage to Vilnius to attend the transfer of the relics of St. Kazimierz. The experience is so absorbed her that was lost and separated from their group.

These experiences also appeared when she was a novice. For example, it participated in the Mass. in the Calvary church, kneeling in front of a big cross on the main altar, clearly felt the request of the Lord Jesus, to atone for the sins of the physical suffering that made him the greatest pain. At the same time understand that Jesus wants to give such wounds he received at the crucifixion. However, no signs of external felt pain around the head, left and right side, in the arms and legs. On Thursdays suffering for priests, and on Fridays and Wednesdays for orders and its Shareholders. Greater pain was hampered by meditation on the Passion of the Savior, during Mass. and the Holy Communion. and in the carnival. During the eight-day retreat, Jesus asked for proof that what he wants from her, comes from Him. Let them feel the pain, such as the Heart of God. I got proof. The sword of sorrow pierced her chest, which read as an acknowledgment that these feelings come from the Lord Jesus. Meditating on Christ Crucified, feeling the His Holy Wounds, hampered by a stronger pain not only in the arms and legs, but in the head. The pain was very severe, so that it seemed to her that if it exceeds the strength. She offered him by the souls that most are on the heart of Jesus. She asked the Lord Jesus, that was willing to suffer, as long as these characters did not show up on the outside.

March 4, 1932, the first time admitted the confession, Fr. Makarewiczowi that feels pain in the places where Jesus had nails and in the side, even though no external signs.

Carefully concealed the wounds of January 3, 1935, when the administration of the sacrament of anointing the sick he saw them confessor, Fr. Makarewicz. She was very upset by this fact. Spiritually, however, felt happy and at peace, the Lord Jesus fully took hold of her soul. April 5 of that year the nurse s Wanda, Rodziewicz, she saw stigmata and inquired about their meaning, which for p Wanda was embarrassing and painful. Henceforth Rosalie was tactful, wise and very caring babysitter for stigmatic, providing her with all the assistance (including washing bloody clothes) and silently guarding the secret. However, Wanda carefully and with great care to conceal all wounds.

Suffering and pain, especially those related to the gift of the stigmata and connecting with them experiences, at Wanda had a clear objective. It was shown to her by the Lord Jesus from the earliest years, and she accepted it. It was the sacrifice for priests, religious orders and their own Assembly. Putting this goal before s Wanda, the Lord Jesus gave many deep and weighty truths about the dignity, the tasks of priests, of his special love towards them, the importance of the tasks which it imposes on them, with great pain that makes their sins and the special grace great readiness to forgive them.


Extraordinary Characters

In life s Wanda occurred many extraordinary phenomena. Although not able to be tested to determine its resume when there was the first vision, but they were certainly the first years of life. Even in pre-school, when my parents went to church, and Wanda remained at home and crying, came a beautiful girl who was playing with her. Sometimes she would come anyway and once said: "You know, Wandzia, I'm an angel and always watching over you, it's my duty."

On the day of her First Holy Communion, instead of a priest saw Jesus surrounded by splendid retinue, and the first time he spoke to her clear voice. Similarly, in the following year, during a Mass., Which he celebrated by Fr. Dean Bukraba and saw not a priest, but the Lord Jesus and lived his entire ordeal. But when Fr. Bishop. Lozinski pilgrimage to Vilnius, during Mass. see if the bishop burned hands and ran after them like flames of fire. And when the road handling of Calvary in ecstasy seceded from the pilgrims and wandered, a little boy - by Wanda, her guardian angel - he led her to the group. Noted here also have vision of angels, saints and Fr. Archbishop. Vincent Kluczyński (founder of the Congregation) and mother foundress Bronisława Stankowicz, the souls of the dead or the appearance of a number of poor women who had asked her to help the suffering in Purgatory. Sister stated many times, who has already left the purgatory and is happy in the Lord. She could also read the hearts of men. Sister Rodziewicz clearly said that s Wanda knows and reads her conscience, quite accurately. Several times at the request of p Rosalie revealed its interior. The same sister told me that when she was with Fr. Archbishop. Jalbrzykowski, received a variety of questions about the p Wanda. Chief Shepherd said that he personally visited Pryciuny. He asked, however, would not disclose s Wanda. When Rosalie came home, Wanda quoted in detail the conversation with the Archbishop.

Was significant in the life of Wanda also probably in jail, it does without food. Carefully concealed with this, and if this is to hide something consumed, then vomited blood. Foods accepted only in the last years of his life.


Preparing for the mission

His choosing Jesus passed many times and in a very pronounced. Even his mother s Wanda when she wore under her heart, appeared in a dream Mother of God and announced that the child will have a great comfort. As a child, Wanda also felt the incentives to be offered to the Lord Jesus, and expressed readiness to respond positively to his call. Pretty soon appeared in her mind about joining the monastery. After receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation in the soul she felt more silent calls to the victim, to a greater love of others, overcome their own whims. "Give me completely." "Completely" understood then as a call to obey their parents. I was right, because the soul felt joy and contentment, even if the parents do not understand. But the time came and difficult moments. Maybe it is of the devil? She called for help to the Lord Jesus. Even in Holy Communion. she did not feel the fire of love which is usually just a quiet and cool, and repeated the words, "Your life is on the cross, watch, would it not going down, because the enemy pawn army".

During the retreat, in the Assembly, after serving a confession before Fr. Makarewicz, a word about the severe suffering of not coming out of her mind and spirit. When the front of the image of the Sacred Heart has made the choice that he wants to be in the Assembly, in the heart of the storm broke. Again she felt that in this life you will have to suffer a lot. After Jesus said this clearly: "I'm going to make you a victim." And in the soul of some scuffling, objections, plucking the words that this meeting will not be able to satisfy the desires of Jesus, that there can not be holy, that he must go elsewhere. But when I looked at the picture of the Sacred Heart, she heard the still, small voice: "I want you for me made this sacrifice, and there was.'ll Give you the grace to persevere., Go, where they indicate".


Adoption of suffering for priests

Barwicki priest, confessor Wanda told her to describe how depriving the recommendations of the Lord Jesus to accept suffering for priests, and how they experienced. Mystic submitted in writing on 22 April 1941: "The sufferings come to me for more specific infidelity called to the service of God, such as priests, monks and nuns, and they give scandal to others. A few years ago I saw Christ's suffering more in this OK, say the evangelists of his passion and live at the same time I felt every detail on your body. In recent years, it is different. Fats, who threw herself at him, throws herself at me, and then he put me in the Wound of His Heart, and the terrible pain strengthens Me.

I understand his pain renewed by some, and is asking for and wants compensation. What is happening to me during a painful experience, for example, that open stigmata hands that are the whipping marks on the body, I understand, but I do not know how to [then] keep and what to say on the outside. The wounds are opening when the blade is inserted into the heart, legs or hands, and his whole body hurts from throwing, kicking, beating and sometimes strings barbed wire or rods.

My suffering for priests and religious orders date back to 1934, on Holy Thursday, but were not consistent. It was only in 1935 Dearest wanted to (...) continuous suffering for priests. My sufferings were painful, more spiritual. Persecution from family, (...) slander false evidence-based, sometimes nights on the fight against 'black'. In the next stage, all the passion of Christ, I felt my own body. The prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane, combined with the passion and the agony of spiritual experience and specifically had to offer for priests. Restraining beloved and stripped of their robes - for orders.

Dearest wants compensation for the priests 'summer' and 'cold', for orders of more mortification. By order of the Holy Spirit, I understand that I pay for priests and religious orders in Poland, and most of our diocese, but sometimes from other countries, such as Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia.

People who need support most beloved places himself in front of the eyes of my soul, giving to understand the state of their souls to Him, and what most do not like, what would the victims and the suffering, the damages caused to His Majesty for insults. Dearest Savior worried most tlejącą, the fading belief in His presence in the Blessed Sacrament, in the exercise of the Mass., Giving scandal younger underestimate the grace of the priesthood and soiling [the priesthood], sin unclean, and many others. In addition to the pain I have to do what He wants from me. (...) ". 3 October 1941 entitled" I started a novena First Fridays. "What concerns all published in the Official statements of Jesus recorded by Sister Wanda, wherein a statement about prof. PhD. Hab. Salij Jack OP: "Sentences that Stygmatyczka wrote a message received from the Lord Jesus, are deeply true Catholic faith, but does not reproduce stereotypes, are in themselves a unique and spiritually compelling specifics."


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