Saint Michael weeping Rhodes, Greece


Architectural Office reports Weeping Icon not Tampered.


(Translated below)

November 5, 2013 - Reported [here]. Yesterday, posted a letter from the Greek Architectural bureau that reports the results of their investigation of the wood, veneer, and paint of the icon made because of a request by the Metropolitan of Rhodes. It appears that the Metropolitan wants to conduct an adequate investigation of the phenomenon.

The scientists dispatched by the state found that the icon had not been tampered with in any way…It’s not clear if the icon is still weeping, and I haven’t yet seen reports claiming a miracle occurring from the icon. Typically, beyond the physical investigation, a miracle caused by the phenomenon is expected to validate its origin. We’ll see as time passes and this story further develops….


My rough and unreliable translation of the letter follows:


Greek Republic
Ministry of Culture and Sports
General with Direction and Antiques
Cultural Heritage
4th Byzantine
Rhodes, 1 November 2013
Ref 8033
Metropolis Rhodes
Liberty Square

Church Assumption
85101 Ialyssos
Subject: Conservation status of the portable image of the Archangel Archangel Michael from the cemetery church of onsite.

a) The application of 29.10.2013 Metropolis Rhodes by Archimandrite Apostolos Pezouvani, Director of Church Of the Dormition onsite to describe the situation by Michael of a funerary temple at the site.

Following the above request from you, concerning the description of the conservation status of large portable icon of Holy Archangel Michael from the funerary temple at the site and which has been the main pilgrimage of the Church of the Dormition, we inform you that after the first [forensic] autopsy on 10/26/2013 by Mr. Foti Sidiropoulos, and the second on 31 of the same month by Mr. Sotiris Reefer, art restorer and most senior member of our service, found that there is no alteration in the wooden body in layers of color and varnish. The image was preserved by Mr. Reefer and retouching made Mr. Sidiropoulos 2010 and since then there is no change (it’s maintenance), which is excellent.

We are at your disposal for any information or clarification.

The Directrix,
Maria Michaelides