After Mass Cochabamba, Boliva Christmas Child cries



Photo of the Christmas Child crying.



Reported [here].This Bambino cried for the first time on December 25, 2012. It has moved to their owners, who received the image as a gift last Christmas and to where, you know, was acquired by one of his cousins at the Christmas fair. The owner of the child, Maribel Méndez, said this is the third time the child cries. The second was during the Holy week and the third on December 25th. He said: "the child Jesus, which is plaster, wept on December 25 and for our family this is a miracle and a blessing".

He told that the previous Christmas, the image was in his house, in the area of the Racecourse and who this year put together a crib in Grandma's House, in the street Lord of miracles, to the South of the city. "This means, for us, that we must be more United as a family and solidarity", he said. Baby Jesus lies in a manger in the miracles of Lord Street, one block from the Temple of Don Bosco. The Catholic Church has not officially ruled on this phenomenon and also featuring studies that certify the authenticity of the fact.