Images from Milton



Photos kindly shared by Deanie.


Aungust 10, 2003 - In this photo (above left) an unexplained glow appeared below the Madonna. It is NOT my flash as others pictures were fine. Some say you can see a cross.

There is a window (bottom left) that some say small houses or churches appear. They are there, but difficult to see in the photo. There are people coming everyday to pray (above right). The Madonna (center) still has beautiful rainbow colors all through Her, but the camera didn't pick it up.

The hospital has postponed a decision as to what to do with the window until Sept. Many want it to remain where it appeared being afraid it may damage it if removed to a shrine.

Note from webmaster: I have added a picture (bottom right) that was e-mailed to me of the chimney at Milton. I see a cross on it, do you?



[Milton Hospital] 92 Highland Street Milton, Massachusetts 02186.