Emmanuel Segastashya




Emmanuel Segastashya suffered the invisible stigmata/Crown of thorns.



Below is an excerpt from [this] book starting on page 155. It talks of Emmanuel Segastashya's stigmata/crown of thorns.


Brief bio - Segatashya was a shepherd born into a penniless and illiterate pagan family in the most remote region of Rwanda. He never attended school, never saw a bible, and never set foot in a church. Then one summer day in 1982 while the 15-year-old was resting beneath a shade tree, Jesus Christ paid him a visit. Jesus asked the startled young man if he'd be willing to go on a mission to remind mankind how to live a life that leads to heaven.


Question: Your story of suffering at the hands of Mary has moved us, Segastashya. We heard that you also suffered during a prolonged fast [that was constantly monitored by nurses] over this past season of Lent, 1983. Can you tell us about that?

Segastashya: Oh yes. I had pleny of suffering during Lent, but it didn't come from the Virgin Mary... It was all the Lords doing. He told me he had fasted while he was on Earth and wanted me to do the same, and then he instructed me not to eat or drink anything for 15 days. starting on March 7. He also told me I would go 22 days without being able to hear or speak.

Well I knew immediately that I would not be able to go 15 days without food if I was at my parents house...my mother to force food into the minute she heard my stomach growl. So I moved into the house of our parish priest, who had invited me to stay with him while I fasted. On March 7 I swore off food and drink, and within a couple a couple of hours I could no longer hear or speak. On the third day of my fast, my priest became concerned for my health and took me to stay at the bishops house. The entire time I was only vaguely aware of what was happening; I felt that I was disconnected from the world and hovering in a place very close to the lord.

On March 13, the sixth day of my fast - when my throat was so parched I wanted to swallow my tongue - Jesus appeared and told me I should drink a cup of tea without any milk or sugar. I was appalled at the suggestion and told him that I never drank my tea without sugar or milk. But the Lord insisted, saying that when he was dying on the cross and suffering from great thirst he was offered a similarly bitter drink. He wanted me to taste a bit of the suffering he'd endured. I still hated the ideal of drinking such bland tea, so I told him "My family has a very particular way of drinking tea, and I would really rather you just give me plain water to drink instead of tea without milk or sugar... please forgive me, but I just don't want your tea." Jesus said, What do you say to the fact that I was offered that same tea myself and you are refusing it from me?

"Yes, they offered you the tea, but you didn't drink it, did you?" You will have to drink this tea because it was given to me, and now I am giving it to you to taste the suffering I endured. "Why, oh Lord, do you want to give me that bitter tea? I was not the one who gave it to you when you were on the cross. It would be unfair for me to pay for something I haven't done." So, my child, would you have me to do then? " "How about this," I suggested. "I'll accept three additional days of total fasting if you let me have just one spoonful of sugar in the tea." Okay. I will add three more days, and they can put a little sugar in the tea.

I was pleased with the deal we had made, but Jesus wasn't happy about it at all. Along with the three additional days of fasting, he tacked on and additional eleven days of suffering. He said I have to get out of my nice bed and only sleep on the bare cement floor of the bishop's house. Later, he told me that I must sleep outside on the ground for two days while wearing a crown of thorns on my head. I couldn't see where I was, but Jesus led me out of doors, ordered me to pray the rosary of the seven sorrows, and personally placed the crown of thorns on my head.

The thorns were almost five inches long and cut into my scalp so deeply I felt like my brains were oozing out of my head. It was incredibly painful. I felt so awful by then and was suffering so much that I thought I was surely going to die. So you can say that it was a costly cup of tea, even though Jesus only ended up making me wear that crown of thorns for one day, and then he let me go back into the house to sleep.

Eighteen days after I started my fast, the Lord allowed me to begin eating and drinking. Three days after that, he told me all my suffering was at a end, and suddenly I could hear and speak once more. Jesus thanked me for enduring the suffering he had given me. He said, You accepted all that I gave you, and you did not complain too much about the hardship. Soon you will recover from your fast and will feel as good as ever, as if nothing happened. I am very pleased with you, child. His word gave me great comfort and made me very happy. I felt a new type of joy that I have never experienced before, a joy that is still with me.

Question: We are happy you survived your ordeal, have regained the weight you lost during your fast, and are in such good spirits, Segastashya. We knew that you were in a semiconscious state for nearly three weeks but didn't know about your experiences with Jesus. Thank you for sharing them with us. We also have the report from the doctors who monitored you every day while you were fasting. We must say, looking at the medical evidence in front of us, that it is a miracle you're alive. We look forward to talking to you again soon. Less than three months after receiving his very hands on lesson about the suffering of Jesus, Segatashya received his last public apparitions in Kibeho.



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