Rhoda Wise




Above photo is cloth used on Rhoda Wise when she had stigmata. Read more about Rhonda Wise [here].


(Rhoda grateful gives herself up as a victim soul so other people can get the graces she had received). December of 1936, Rhoda Wise accidentally stepped into a sewer drain, which severely damaged her right leg, causing an infection and turning her foot inward. Thus began a long series of hospital visits, necessitating many leg casts in an effort to repair the damaged leg, nothing would help heal this leg.

August 10, 1940 a month and a half after the little flower St. Therese and Jesus appeared and St. Therese healed Rhoda's abdomen [see/read here] later the above cast was put on Rhoda's foot. It was going to stay on until September 10th and then a permanent brace would be put on that she would have to wear for the rest of her life. On the early morning of the assumption August 15th the little flower came back again. St. Therese said that's a little thing, stand up and walk. And when Rhoda put her foot on the floor the cast split open and she stepped out of it. She never had and trouble walking again. Rhoda was so grateful that she offered herself as a victim soul. So that people can get the same graces she had gotten.

To visit Rhoda Wise's home or [obtain] copies of The Rhoda Wise Story call 330-453-0322 or write 2337 25th St. NE Canton, Ohio 44705. Visit [RhodaWise.com]. [Read/view] a biography on Rhoda Wise. Visit the Rhoda Wise Home Religious Center [Facebook].