Mary cries at a San Juan, Argentina school

Father Ariza on the "weeping" Virgin: "we have no explanation, it is a matter of faith"



Collecting of The Blessed Mothers tears for testing.

The image is part of the heritage of the institution since May 13, 2015, a date that came exclusively from Fatima to San Juan and was enthroned in the school garden. When it was a year since that date, which is also the day of the first appearance of that virgin in Fatima, the first phenomenon was presented.

"The first time that the Virgin wept was in May, all this time we were praying and in early September, all Initial Level had different activities but on 8 was the procession with all the boys from the initial level to the largest. Mass on the stage and at the end of the mass I told the girls to keep it here and we realized that it had all these spots and that drop. Last time it was made like a gelatin, "Father Ariza said.

According to the parish priest, this image was chosen, coming from Portugal, to take to the chapel "because there is no other as clear as this one that has the heart of Mary." The figure is venerated at different times of the year and, until now, the demonstrations have taken place in May and September. Faced with this scenario the teachers of the institution are taking testimony from their peers, parents of students and even children who feel something special.

"The important thing is the fact as such, that occurs in two parties of the virgin and in this image that is in contact with almost 400 children of Initial Level. We have consulted several places, including people from Mendoza who make images and they They do not have an explanation, that an image of this nature has a tear can not be understood because they are completely dry when they are painted.We have no explanation, it is a matter of faith. As an event it is important to point out that something means the Virgin, Which occur and can not be explained scientifically, "concluded the father.