Conyers, Georgia, A Weeping Icon



Reported [here].The Blessed Mother's picture was weeping shortly after midnight (April 18, 2003 approx. 12:15 AM) on Good Friday for approximately 8-10 minutes. Again on April 29, 2003 approx at 7:30 pm - 7:40 pm. Please pray for Our Lady's Intention.

Note from webmaster visionary Nancy Fowler has returned to Our Lord. Please say a prayer for her and her family. Nancy, known as "the Visionary of Conyers" passed away on Jan 10, 2012 at 11:50pm at the age of 63. She was born on April 11, 1948, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In Conyers, Georgia, for a period of 8 years from October 13, 1990 to October 13, 1998, many thousands of people went to see her as she reported that Jesus sent His own Mother Mary to communicate heavenly messages calling all of humanity, but especially the United States, to conversion. She traveled around the country and abroad bearing witness to these revelation.