Icon of Christ Crucified weeps tears of oil, Asprokambos, Greece




Above images are of the Icon of Christ Crucified weeping tears of oil.



February 17, 2015 - Reported [here]. Rough translation from Greek. The Corinth Dionysius invites experts to consider the crucifix weeping. As was informed at the pentapostagma.gr. With Relevant Article, Christ Crucified Located on The Wooden Cross in The Church of St. Nicholas in snowy Asprokampos Corinthia Weeping by election day.The Metropolitan Dionysius of Corinth, as we saw in korinthostv, today visited the church of St. Nicholas in Asprokampos Corinth, to see close up image of the Crucified that "weeping" in the sanctuary of the church of St. Nicholas. The Bishop of Corinth after examining and himself wondrous fact decided to get experts to examine the picture to decide.

According to local network Corinth TV, crowds of faithful have been flocking to the church of St Nickolas in Asprokambos to see the weeping icon, driven by the strong belief that it is a miracle. According to eye-witnesses, the holy icon started to weep since the elections of January 25th. Others are more reserved and try to consult experts trying to obtain a scientific answer to the crucial question: why is Jesus weeping? According to local Metropolit of Corinth Dionysius, ever since the elections, an oily, sticky and odorless fluid runs down the icon. Metropolit Dionysius said that he will inform the Holy Synod about the phenomenon and that he plans to invite scientists to examine the tears. Metropolit Dionysius has called for a prayer and noted that he would not like make promotion for the phenomenon before the tears are being analyzed. He stressed that “in matters of faith we must be very careful.”



 [Address] of Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church,  Asprokampos,  Greece.