The image of a virgin from a Catholic school cried for the third time in less than a year



Close-up of Our sorrowful Mother.


March 1, 2017- Reported [here]. Also [here] and [here]. Rough translation from Spanish. In less than a year there was for the third time a phenomenon that shocked the entire Catholic community of Rawson. It is an image of the Sweet Heart of Mary that wept again. The image, just over a meter high, is located in the Kindergarten of Rawson Parish School. And on April 14 and 20 as September last year, he had submitted a similar phenomenon. Is that when approaching the crystal box in which it is placed, you can see something that look like tears that come from the eyes of the virgin. After the first appearances, some studies were carried out to determine what happens with this image, although, until now the results of these investigations are unknown. The truth is that the Rawsinos who have had access to the figure do not stop sharing the photo in which you see the tears.

March 1, 2017 From [here]. Again, the virgin of the Sweet Heart of Mary wept At the beginning of Catholic Lent the virgin who is in the kindergartens of the parish school, she cried again. It is the third time, in less than a year, that the Virgin of the Sweet Heart of Mary, located in the kindergartens of the Rawson Parish School, cries. This time caused a revolution among parishioners because the event occurred at the beginning of Catholic Lent. In 2016 two such appearances were recorded and even the statue was taken to carry out studies, although the results are not known at present. Now, once again, the virgin appeared with something that looks like tears and sprout from the eyes of the statue.

March 2, 2017 From [here]. Just in Lent, the image of a virgin returned to "mourn" in Rawson The image of the Virgin Mary in the Grotto in the Kindergarten of Rawson's Parish School once again had tears in her eyes. From this Tuesday, the world catholic community begins to live the Christian Lent. This date is very important for the faithful because it renews the faith in Christ as the savior of humanity. In this context, a revealing fact for the parishioners was given this week in the Grotto in the Kindergarten of Rawson Parish School. The image of the Virgin Mary again had tears in her eyes and the phenomenon is already studied.

But this is not the first time it happens. On May 13 last year some people noticed that the image was crying, just as the Catholic community remembers the apparition of the Virgin Mary under the invocation of Fatima. Then this phenomenon happened again, this time the religious community managed to notice tears in the image on September 8. On that day the members of the parish community decided to communicate the event to Monsignor Alfonso Delgado. The bishop requested that samples be taken to be analyzed and as it transcended three laboratories are analyzing the samples of tears.