Plaque of Mary and Jesus dripping oil El Cajon, California



Oil forms on Plaque of Mary and Jesus.



June 18, 2015 - Reported in [Spirit Daily] from [here]. El Cajon, Calif. Man says his plaque of Mary and Jesus is dripping oil. Oil has dripped since May 1, 2015. Magid Asofy said he was scared at first. He says the plaque is from Greece and traveled to Iraq before ending up in his El Cajon apartment more than a decade ago. The oil looks like olive oil and smells like lavender. Asofy said the dripping fills a gallon bowl almost every day.  There are no tubes leading to the artifact and it doesn’t seem to have any hidden compartments.

On top of the dripping oil, Asofy said Mary herself has spoken to him. “She’s coming to me six times,” said Asofy who is Chaldean. “Mother Mary, she talk to me six times.” He said she visits him every night at 3 a.m. He said Mary wants him to invite everyone to look at the plaque and let them pray. Hundreds of people have been lining up to see what the man is calling a miracle. Asofy said he has invited his priest to see it as well. It has reinforced his faith. “I believe before but now it’s more,” said Asofy.