Mother Mary and Sacred Heart of Jesus cry, Ohio



Miraculous Tears History from [here].



We thank our God each day for the miraculous tears of Mary which did fall to remind us always to Pray, Pray, Pray!

The Story of The Weeping Madonna. Over the years there have been many sites around the world where wonderful, Spiritual and even miraculous event, visions and Miracles have occurred.

In 2011 several Spiritual events occurred at Our Lady’s Shine in Reading.

Starting In January 2011 one of the Statues of Mary started weeping tears and it continued for 9 days; and was seen by many:

January 23rd – Mary started crying at 2:30 p.m.

February 1st – After we said the Rosary, the Statue of Mary started crying again at 6:30.

February 5th– The larger Statue of Jesus also started weeping, after we had prayed the Divine Mercy.

February 21st – A Visionary received his First message.

February 24th – Three women observe Mary weeping again and view falling tears on Her Rosary.

March 2nd – The Visionary has a vision of St. Michael and a message that he will receive Communion from our Lord the next day.

March 3rd – The Visionary receives the promised Communion; outside many people observe a “spinning sun”.

March 11th – The large Statue of Jesus was observed of bleeding, this is the first Friday in Lent and the day of the Tsunami in Northern Japan.

March 16th – May 16th, The Visionary again receives a message, this time from Our Lady, that he will again receive Communion from Jesus.

March 17th – The Visionary receives the promised Eucharist; all that were present say the Host on his tongue.

April 26th – After a group finished the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, all three statues started dripping oil and the large Statue of Jesus started crying.

June 10th – The Statue of Jesus, on the Alter, started dripping oil.


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