In California, an Image of Our Lady of Compassionate Protection wept Rose scented oil




[Spirit] reported a story written by Michael H. Brown titled 'Businessman In Fight of His Life Details His Life-saving Vision of The Virgin Mary & Encounter With Archangel Michael. [See here] for full story. It is a truly amazing story!

The story doesn't end there, Louis Saia III had a painting done of The Blessed Mother. Ferdinand Roccanti painted Our Lady just like Louis saw Our Lady of Compassionate Protection in his vision. Louis Saia III has given his testimony in many locations in the United States. His vision of Our Lady, under the title of Compassionate Protection, as she wishes to be called, was captured on canvas by Ferdinand Roccanti. The prints of this image have been distributed all over the country and even the world. Many people who have prayed the Rosary before a blessed print of this image have witnessed miraculous occurrences, even cures of cancer. In California, an image of Our Lady of Compasionate Protection began weeping Rose scented oil.

Ferdinand Roccanti has himself a miracuolus story on September 16th 1994, after a five minute nap, he awoke to double vision and he could not open his eyes. He was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a rare, disabling disease affecting the nerve endings of the body coupled with double vision and no depth perception. Prompted by Jesus, he bought a canvas began to paint, despite never having painted previously. As he paints, he prays and as he prays he draws closer to God.The result is a work of art.



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