'How I met the Archangel Michael'

A Brisbane man tells of his encounter on youtube.


Pictured above is Chris Riley from Brisbane who shares his encounter with Holy Archangel Michael.


August 19, 2017 - Video [here].

Transcribed from the video:

Okay this is my testmony of how I met Archangel Michael. My name is Chris Riley. I'm from Brisbane Australia. Three years ago, just after my 25th birthday, I was in a really bad way. I was really lost individual. I used to use a lot of 'ice', or 'meth' as they call it in America. I was just a very lost individual... had no faith. I didn't think there was any purpose to the world. I was very angry... vengeful... just very very lost.

I really didn't enjoy my birthdays because it was just a reminder of it was just another year of the same old thing. But not long after my 25th birthday, I had a scary incident one night while I was high. I'd probably been high for like two or three days at that time, smoking 'ice' through a pipe. I had a scary experience that I I don't want to go into too much detail about, but it scared me enough to convince me.

You know, I thought I was going to die. Some people call it an NDE... near-death experience. Nothing that bad physically happened, but in my mind I was convinced I was going to die and I had a mental breakdown because of that. Luckily I had a very loving family and supportive people around me that helped me through. When I had that mental breakdown... that scary incident... that was all in one night.

And on that particular night my brother's girlfriend prayed a prayer to Archangel Michael for me. I didn't know about this. As I was trying to get to sleep that night but I was in such a such a state. Falling asleep was really difficult.

Somehow I managed to fall asleep, and I woke up the next day and all I really remember is sitting on the edge of my bed staring at the wall, fully conscious.

I was wide awake, in a completely lost state. I couldn't even... I couldn't even attach to the person I was before, but I felt like I just completely lost everything and I was just nothing. I didn't have a personality and I couldn't really think, and it was just really traumatic. I was in this lost state there, staring at the wall in my bedroom completely by myself.

And as I sat there staring at the wall, I felt a hand touched my shoulder. The first feeling I had was immediate fear, because I knew there was nobody in my bedroom, and a hand... a definite hand... it touched my left shoulder.

So I went into instant state of panic and shock. I then heard a voice say "Lay child everything's okay. You've got nothing to worry about, I'm here to help you".

The first thing I thought then was 'What we're hearing voices? You'll definitely go into the mental institution now'. And then again I heard the voice "Lay child everything's okay. You've got nothing to worry about, I'm here to help you".

As I heard that voice again, it laid me and helped me lay on my side. And as I laid on my side, I heard the voice again say "I'm going to make you feel better". As he said that, I felt a rush of the most euphoric, blissful, heavenly, love I could possibly describe to anybody.

It was like a mother that just gave birth to a newborn child. The way she would look at her, times 10 million. It was your birthday... was Christmas... it was New Year... it's seeing your best friend after 10 years of them being away.

It was just every good, joyous, blissful, happy, ecstatic feeling I could possibly describe... all balled into one. When he touched me, this feeling just went through my whole being and I was vibrating.

Just this highest level of love I could possibly imagine. And I felt like I was home. I felt like that's where I came from, that I'd forgotten about it.

I'd forgotten what it felt like and, oh my god, it just felt amazing. I've done drugs before in the past and nothing compares. I understand now what they call it 'the most high'. It was amazing.

As that happened and that feeling rushed through my whole body, my eyesight went from looking at the wall laying on my side to then being in the top right-hand corner of my bedroom looking down at myself on the bed. I was on my side looking at the wall and behind me there was an angel.

It was about ten feet tall whose wings stretched across my bedroom. It had a Roman style golden chest plate on. He had long shortish, short-longish blondish hair. He had a Norwegian face. I made a joke that he kind of look like Chris Hemsworth a little bit. He had the Roman centurions style skirt on with the slits in it. The really old school sandals with the rope that went right off the feet.

I could see him clear as day... shined a blue and white light. It was very beautiful, and the feeling I got from him was that he was my best friend... I kind of forgotten about him... I felt bad about that.

But it felt so good at the same time to see him again. I was like 'you again!'. Yeah I could seen there clear as day and then he went on to tell me and show me a few things.

He told me that I was very lost. That I had nothing to worry about. That everything was okay. And he was always watching me from the day I was born to the day I will die, he will always be watching me. That I I have nothing to worry about.

He showed me segments of my life where things went wrong. He took me back when I was in primary school as a young kid. He showed me certain little events, not even that bad things really, but like two small events that changed my perception of myself.

And there was one specific one... he took me back and he was like "Do you remember how you felt before that happened?" I was like "yep, I felt like 'me'... I felt like how I was supposed to feel, a child of God'.

He's like "Do you remember when that happened?" I was like "I do remember when it happened" because I'd remembered what it felt like and I was like oh I could feel it. I was like yeah that I didn't like that.

"Do you remember how you felt afterward?" I specifically just remember thinking ashamed to be myself. That's how I felt, ashamed to be myself. And he kind of showed me how that that shaped me. That event really shaped who I was.

It was then from that point on I was ashamed to be myself. When I went into situations I was ashamed, so scared that people wouldn't like me for who I was.

And I could see how that one small event molded a whole bunch of events later in my life where I just wanted to be accepted by people. I did stupid things because of it and put me down a really really dark path.

He showed me segments of my life where I went wrong... or I made certain choices. He showed me from when I was child up to about high school, into high school, out of high school, making certain decisions with drugs and stuff.

But then he said "Can you see how all that happened so you could be here with me now?" I was like "Yep". In that state of love, I could just understand how everything worked. I was like "Yep, I can understand that".

It's like, yeah, so everything happens for a reason. He went on to repeat that a few times "Everything happens for a reason. There is purpose to everything".

I was like, okay, and then he went on to show me what I kinda take now is the battle of good versus evil. It went to a vision of a field. That was a huge field, like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and thousands of hectares wide and long.

And on the outside it was completely blue and it was just this blue misty fog that went on for a really, really long time. And as it went on and on and on, it reached a wall. It started climbing up the wall and it was all blue on the outside and as it got to the very, very top of the wall and like started to peek over, it changed color to red and it dropped red down the wall on the other side and just went red for eternity, that way. I can clearly see it.

I'm like, okay... what's this? He said, "This is the battle of good versus evil. You've just forgotten what side you're on, and now you you've been reminded. You know what side you're on. You're on My side, you just forgot who you were. You were just a bit lost." And I had this overwhelming feeling of 'let me out, I just want to fight I want to get back in the battle'. He said "No, you're going to stay down. You got to recover, get a rest".

Then he went on to tell me, mention that I was St. Christopher at one point. He said You are, because you are St. Christopher". I don't know if I was supposed to take that as I'm the reincarnation of St. Christopher or just because my name is Christopher Riley, that I'm a saint... maybe saved by grace or something along those lines?

Toward the end of it, he just said "You've got nothing to worry about, everything's okay. I've always been watching. I'll always be watching. Everything's fine, have faith." And as he said that, he just kind of slowly faded out and I was left sitting there on the end of my bed staring at the wall in this state of 'what just happened?'.

At no point during it did he mention his name. At no point that I asked him his name. It was so overwhelming and new to anything I'd experienced in my whole entire life.

I really didn't know how to take it for a little bit. I didn't tell anybody for about a week or two. I was afraid they were going to say I'd lost my mind and send me to a hospital or something like that.

So the first person I told was my older brother and I went up and I was like "I got something to tell you... I had this experience". I told him everything and he just kind of looked at me. He's like, Wow. So have you ever heard of Archangel Michael? Nope, don't remember that name. And don't recall that name anywhere.

He's like, "Go to google and type in Archangel Michael" and I went to Google and I typed it in and I just started crying my eyes out. You know, the description of how he looked... the description of him saving people and whatnot. Yeah, I just cried my eyes out in joy and happiness I guess.

That was my experience and ever since then I've kind of turned my life around for the better. I was completely healed of any desire for drugs. After that point, a lot of things have changed in my life.

That's my experience, I hope you enjoyed listening.