Rosa Mystica crying tears of blood in Argentina



Image of Rosa Mystica crying sorrowful tears of blood in Argentina.


December 3, 2018 - Reported from [here] also more [here] and [here]. Possible miracles linked to Virgin Mary statue crying tears of blood in Argentina.

In August, we [previously reported] that a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosa Mystica was allegedly “weeping tears of blood” in Metán, Argentina. However, it’s in the news again for supposedly crying blood “for the 38th time.”

Rosana Mendoza Frias, a mother of four children and the owner of the statue, said she received the Rosa Mystica statue as a gift after having a miscarriage almost a decade ago.

She told the Argentinian publicatio Informatesalta that the weeping statue brings her family together, as they must cooperate when receiving visitors.

She said the statue also recently cried for seven minutes as she prayed for her sick mother. Frias also claims that several miracles have occurred since the statue began crying.

One woman’s “eight centimeter tumor disappeared,” and a policeman involved in an almost fatal crash was not supposed survive, but did.

“I always tell the people here that it depends on faith, not on us, because we do not do anything, we just open the doors for them to come and ask,” Frias told Informatesalta.

“God will give them the miracle through her,” she said.

Frias explained that after photos appeared online about the alleged weeping statue, 7,000 people were outside her home just 10 hours later to see the supposed miracle. They now have a special place for the Virgin Mary in their home, and she is protected by a glass case.

Frias also said that 30 people gather together Monday-Friday to pray in front of the Rosa Mystica under the guidance of a local priest.

Please note: This alleged miracle has not been approved by the Church as of yet. This is a claim by an Argentinian family and ChurchPOP is merely reporting the incident.