Virgin of Fatima cries Taveuni, Fiji





April 10, 2019 - Reported [here] and [here]. Video [here]. They are calling it the Taveuni miracle in Wairiki Catholic Parish in Taveuni – a ‘weeping’ statue of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ. People from different faiths including Methodists and Hindus and the business community had flocked to Wairiki, said to be the largest parish in Fiji with 7000 members.

“Tears” flowing down Mary’s cheeks is a significant symbol of blessings for Catholics. It has been stored in bottles and the cloth used to wipe the tears have been kept to bless people. The travelling statue came from the Vatican, Catholic sources claim, and it has been in Wairiki for three months since it arrived in the country..

The Catholic Church will not be making any comments on claims coming from its Wairiki Parish in Taveuni of the ‘weeping’ statue of the Virgin Mary. The head of the Catholic Church in Fiji Archbishop Peter Loy Chong told FBC News, the claims need study and verification. A [video] posted on the social media network Facebook, shows tears rolling down the face of the statue, as it stood in the Wariki Catholic Parish.

Women’s voices can be heard saying, “She’s crying! “. The Archbishop says they will only make a statement on things that are of certitude. He adds they want to make sure that whatever they say is of reasonable faith and not just based on a few people’s stories.

The travelling statue is believed to have originated from the Vatican and had travelled to Taveuni from Suva during the Holy Lent period. It’s been carried from home to home in procession and usually stays for one to two days in homes of the faithful before being it’s returned to the Church.