Possible Eucharistic Miracle in Paraguay: Body of Christ becomes rose petals that ooze oil



Father Gustavo Palace holds the oozing Eucharistic miracle.


August 9, 2019 - Reported [here]. Also [here]. He is parish priest of the Virgin [Parish] of Mercy - Valle Puku - Aregua.

From now on what must be done is to wait for an official manifestation of the Holy Catholic Church about the event. See the details and watch the report below.

Within the Catholic faith is a phenomenon known as the "Eucharistic Miracle , " which refers to events without apparent human explanation that occur with consecrated hosts. In some of the miracles there is usually blood emanation, in other cases some parts of the bread literally become pieces of muscle (usually heart muscle). It should be remembered that for Catholics, the communion ( eucharist ) is the Body of Christ, and although generally only a small piece of bread is seen, these “miracles” usually occur as divine proof that Jesus is really present. Well, something similar happened in Paraguay, where a wafer apparently turned into rose petals and emanated a liquid that is said to smell of roses. The liquid is watery but has a reddish color, resembling the blood.

Watch the [report].

This event took place in the community of Pedro Juan Caballero and Father Gustavo Palacios witnessed this.

The priest was informed that something strange had happened to a host in a small house that served as a prayer circle for some time.

When the priest arrived at the house, he was perplexed by the event, and as he held the shrine (a small object on which the body of Christ is placed to be taken to a sick person), a liquid began to flow through his hand without the the shrine had some hole through which he might be coming out, and when he opened it in amazement he observed that what was a white wafer was now a kind of completely red petal with a liquid that smelled of roses, the same that ran down his hands.

“It turns out that I was invited to Pedro Juan Caballero for a Santo Domingo novenary at Mrs. Lourdes's house, a wedding, Mr. Raul and Lourdes, where an Upper Room was created, is a prayer group where some phenomena occurred. For example, an image of the Mystic Rose that was sweating with a rose-scented oil and then used to pray for the sick. There are documented testimonies of many patients who have healed, ” said Father Gustavo.

Father Palacios told the Paraguayan press what happened to the host. She said that Mrs. Lourdes's grandmother was sick in bed and received Holy Communion every day at home, but one day, after the priest gave her communion, you suddenly took this species from her mouth in the form of petal, and said she wanted the wafer, thinking it might be a mistake to taste differently in her mouth. It was then that Mrs. Lourdes immediately retained the consecrated form in the reliquary and called Father Palacios.

The priest indicated that this may undoubtedly be a “private revelation” made by Jesus to strengthen the faithful in the faith, although the priest himself called the faithful to follow the facts with caution. For the Catholic Church takes these phenomena very seriously and does not declare a Eucharistic Miracle until the subject has been thoroughly studied, which may take a long time.