Divine Mercy picture didn’t burn, remains on Ash


Above is a photo of the blessed image in ashes after attempting to burn it.



January 15, 2020 - Reported [here]. Also [here]. This is miraculous!

Fr. Chris Alar of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception told an amazing story about a Divine Mercy Image that did not burn after after a woman printed it, blessed it, and placed it on her door. The image remained untouched, in ashes.

The Marian Fathers received the story from a trusted friend of their community after encouraging viewers to to [“seal the doorposts with Divine Mercy]” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“What I’m about to show you is truly amazing, and it all started with this video,” Fr. Alar begins. “I explained how hanging the image on your door can bring about many protections as promised by Jesus through St. Faustina. This video ended up making itself around the world.”

Fr. Alar then explained that a priest in Poland received miraculous this story:

“Hello Father! I want to share something with you. The other day, I received a message linking me to a video from Fr. Chris Alar. He explained the need to put a blessed Image of the Divine Mercy on our front doors in these times. I printed out the Divine Mercy Image from the Divine Mercy website, and followed the priest’s directions on how to bless it.

“It was hanging on my front door until last night when I needed to dispose of it because it was weathered. Remembering the Imaged was blessed, I just burned it…nothing left but ashes and the Divine Mercy Image, not in paper, but entirely ashes. What do you think of this?”

(Fr. Alar explains burning a blessed item is the proper way to dispose of it.)

The Marian priest then asked the woman to print the same image with the same printer, but not to bless the image.

She burned the unblessed image and this happened:


“This confirms for me, because we trust this individual, that this is truly a miraculous image,” Fr. Alar concludes.