Our Lady cries Carmiano, Italy



August 4, 2020 - Reported [here] and [here]. Video [here], and [here]. The statue of the Madonna weeps: faith and mystery in Carmiano. The case addressed by the Lecce curia.

Mystery and faith in Piazza Paolino Arnesano in Carmiano. A "tear", which seems to be of blood, has marked the face of the statue of the Madonna, recently erected in the area since yesterday afternoon, in memory of the bombing of 3 September 1943, in which Carmiano, a Marian village, was spared.

The news of the "tear" soon spread in the village and many are the faithful, moved by curiosity and devotion, who in these hours go to the square to address a prayer to the Madonna. On the case, which has been addressed by the Bishop of Lecce, Monsignor Michele Seccia, feedback is expected from the religious authorities. More hypotheses are examined: from the paranormal phenomenon, to the consequences of the great heat of these days up to the joke of some jokers.

Meanwhile, the intervention of Don Riccardo, parish priest of the church of Saint Antonio abate, is recorded. "Not even I, at this moment, can express an objective opinion on the event that happened precisely because there is no evidence that can make us say exactly that it was a miracle, an effect of the excessive heat of recent days or, even worse, someone's joke. Aside from what will be decreed about the event we witnessed, the only certain thing is that I have seen another miracle that should help us reflect and grow even more as a city community and as a community of faith: all the while in which I was near the monument I witnessed a "procession" of people who, out of curiosity or by faith, left their homes and went to the feet of the Madonna. I have seen children, young people, adults and elderly people who gathered in that place, symbol of Mary's blessing for our Carmiano and together they looked up and looked at the face of the Madonna. I saw the beauty of our people who, moved by different feelings, met, prayed and talked about each other, seeing in that "strange" sign also the pain and fatigue of these months we have lived and the desire for redemption. Now, beyond what has been, let's look at the beauty of what we have experienced. And if tomorrow they tell us that there has been no miracle, beware!

The most beautiful miracle is that we feel we are a close community around Mary ”