Virgin Mary God-Bearer Icon streaming myrrh (since September) - Greece



April 19, 2021 - Reported [here] and [here]. On September 8, the feast of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, the icon of the Panagia Parigoritissa (Conmforter) in the Church of St. Demetrios in Neas Elvetias, Vironas, Greece, began to stream myrrh.

“Since then, this weeping has not stopped, but is gathered in the aching souls of the countless believers who daily come to taste her Divine grace,” reads the report on [Romfea].

“The weeping icon of the Panagia has become a prayer refuge for all of us,” it continues.

Pilgrims daily testify to the help they receive from the Panagia through her icon for health, for the battle against all kinds of temptations, for the good completion of works, for mercy, and so on.

The Paraklesis service is read before the icon every day, and the Divine Liturgy will be celebrated in the Church of St. Demetrios every day between Pascha and Pentecost.