Jadwiga Bartel



Jadwiga Bartel in her apartment by the statue of Mary crying tears of blood Bloody stigmata wound on Jadwiga's forehead
Mary wept tears of blood Miraculous cross where Jadwiga Bartel lived
House where Jadwiga Bartel lived Jadwiga's grave under the missionary cross


June 7, 2021 - Reported [here]. Rough translastion from Polish. Jadwiga Bartel - a stigmatist Radomin Poland. It is best to download a [PDF version] of the material the fullest edition, the most convenient to read, descriptions, maps, explanations, photos - the best way to get to know Jadwiga's life.

A short biography of Jadwiga Bartel

Jadwiga Bartel from home Kalinowska (1911- 1993) Was born on Easter Sunday in Płonku on the ground Dobrzyńska nd as the oldest of siedemnaściorga children (only one of her brother - Stanislaw age children survived) in a pious family Józefa (née Warlikowska) and Władysław Kalinowski. Jadwiga was a good child, pious, she was eager to learn and helped on the farm. Once when she was praying over a figure she often wore with flowers,and she looked at the crucified Christ, she said: "Jesus, when I cut my finger, it hurt a lot, and they nailed you to the cross, you must have cried, give me at least one hour of pain as you suffered. " At that moment she heard a voice:" You will suffer until you deserve the grace in life. " The girl turned around but saw no one. She only told her mother about it.

At the age of 22, not wanting to say no to her parents, she married Antoni Bartel, who later turned out to be a cruel man. As a result of being beaten by him, Jadwiga lost her hearing. She carried the cross of this marriage for 39 years and 4 months. On the first Friday of February 1948 first revelation of the Lord Jesus, who announced that he will receive a wound in the right side, bleeding for 33 days. From Good Friday 1950. on Fridays she suffered stigmatic sufferings for 33 years, mostly in hiding. After that, the stigmas also bled in front of people. On Friday, June 8, 1951. She was arrested for two weeks for compulsory "medical" examinations at the Rypin hospital. Soon after, she was taken to the Medical Academy in Gdańsk in block 25 - psychiatric ward. She was forbidden to go to church and she was subjected to anesthesia, electrocution and even went so far as to give Jadwiga a lethal injection while she was sleeping. However, apart from a strong pain in the hand he did not suffer damage. After returning from the hospital, she moved to Kiełpiny. She experienced revelations, wounds, stigmatic bleeding, her main priest was Fr. Alfons Wąsik, author of the book "Polska Stygmatyczka" .

Until the communist times, efforts were made not to spread its story because of the persecution by the UBs, although it reached Fr. prim. Wyszyński, who, after examining the case, sent Jadwiga a picture - "Stygmatyczka". After the Apparitions in Oława, the Lord Jesus confirmed their truthfulness with Jadwiga. With time, she moved to Radomin near Golub-Dobrzyn on the farm of Mrs. Szlejerowa and this is the most famous place of her stay. Many pilgrims came there, some from distant cities and continents. When the statue of the Mother of God in Jadwiga's house cried blood, the pilgrimages intensified even more, because her photo was published in newspapers. Jadwiga died of many diseases, mainly diabetes, after an expiatory life and was buried under the cross at the church of st. Maria Magdalena in Ostrowit - a town situated between Golub-Dobrzyń and Kowalewo Pomorskie . Many people attended the funeral (March 14 at 3:00 pm) - about 2,000.