Monastery discloses image of Santa Rosa Mystica crying blood, Brazil



Rosa Mystica cries miraculous tears of blood.


June 11, 2021 - Reported [here]. The image of Our Lady Rosa Mystica weeping caught the attention of Christians who attend the Rosa Mystica Monastery, in the east of Teresina. This was not the first time that the image shed tears, according to the religious.

In a publication on social networks, the monastery declared that "the image of Rosa Mystica once again sheds tears of blood at the dawn of Corpus Christi".

The publication moved many internet users, who asked for protection. One of the comment says “Mother, intercede for all of us. Intercede, Mother, with your son Jesus, for all your sick brothers”. Another asks for mercy. “Mother have Mercy from your children!! I ask for the conversion of those who do not believe!”.

Although many were moved, some comments questioned the publication.

The visited the Monastery Our Lady Mystique on the morning of Friday. There live four religious under the command of Dom José Soares, who coordinates the work.

After the phenomenon registered in the morning of Corpus Christi day, visits increased considerably in the place. There are dozens of faithful in search of graces and even curious in search of explanations.

One of the members of the monastery told the story that the bloody tears are a kind of divine warning and a call to repentance.

Also according to the religious, this is not the first time that the image of Our Lady of Mystic Rose has cried blood. The phenomenon has already been registered in other times.

Celebrations at the monastery take place daily and are open to the public from Monday to Saturday at 6pm. On Sundays there are two celebrations, at 10 am and at 7 pm.

The image belonged to former archbishop. Before going to the monastery, the image of Nossa Senhora Rosa Mystica belonged to Dom Celso José Pinto da Silva, former archbishop of Teresina, who died in 2018. According to the report, he was one of the first to witness the cry of the saint.