Rosa Mystica cries - Rosario, Argentina




October 21, 2021 - Reported [here], [here] and [here]. Video [here], [here] and [here]. Rough translation from Spanish. Virgin Mary Rosa Mystica cried twice in less than a week.

Several faithful believe that this manifestation of the Virgin Mary comes from God. The Virgin Mary Rosa Mystica had wept for the last time in the 1980's.

If a phenomenon that always manages to amaze the faithful is when the Virgin Mary cries somewhere in the world. In our country it happened with the image of the Virgin Mary Rosa Mystica which is located in the parish of Don Bosco at 50, in the city ​​of Rosario. While it had been a long time since the last time it happened, this time the times were drastically shortened and believers believe that it is a manifestation sent by God.

The last time this phenomenon was recorded was in the 1980's and it recently occurred last weekend on the eve of Mother's Day in the presence of catechists and several children who usually visit the temple.

Father Leonel Canepa referred to the event and was surprised: "This image 40 years ago had a special experience with one of the neighbors in the neighborhood, and at times when he had it at home, he cried." In this sense, he also said that this time it was similar. "This Saturday with a group of catechists with their children while praying, they perceived that the image had tears in its eyes, " he added.

What most surprised the faithful is that in less than a week the Virgin Mary Rosa Mystica cried a second time. The event occurred this Wednesday and many believe that it is a manifestation of God. From the parish they explained that the image can be visited from Monday to Friday.

Church [address] Don Bosco 50, S2013 FWB, Santa Fe, Argentina.