Immaculate Virgin Mary weeps - Vinará, Argentina




June 27, 2022 - Reported [here] and [here]. Video [here]. Commotion in Vinará for the tears on the face of the Immaculate Virgin Mary. For the residents of that community it is a really striking fact, in which some also claimed to see the image of Mary with a pale face and bright eyes.

The historic Santiago town of Vinará is experiencing hours of strong commotion, after this Sunday tears were discovered on the face of the Immaculate Virgin Mary. The episode occurred in the town of Vinará, in the province of Santiago del Estero. On Sunday May 7 and 8, parishioners who were in the chapel of the Immaculate Conception noticed something strange in the face of the Virgin. According to [local media], the first to observe and be surprised by the finding were some children who attended Family Catechesis with their trainers. There they were able to confirm that the image had tears in its eyes.

The news quickly spread through the town, generating a massive turnout in the chapel. A collaborator of the religious activities of Vinará, confirmed the news to Los Primeros and explained that in less than 5 months it is the fourth time that "the virgin cries", although she clarified that this opportunity "the tears were constant from Sunday noon" .


In the previous opportunities where a similar situation was verified, they were in December 2021, March and May of this year. But there would be antecedents from years ago where the patron saint of the town was also seen crying.

“For us it was very emotional. Many people came to the chapel. We organize the prayer of the Rosary. And even, when the news spread, tourists who were visiting Las Termas arrived. It was exciting to see how some people touched the virgin's tears with their hands and they later reappeared on her face, "she said.