Image of Christ appears on glass of a car, Argentina



Jesus image on window
Large image of Christ on glass


July 22, 2022 - Reported [here] video [here]. Community shocked by image of Christ that appeared on the glass of a car.

The community of La Carlota, in the south of the province of Córdoba, in Argentina, is shocked by a strange event. A woman claims that the image of Christ appeared on the glass of her car. As reported by Belén Sbarbati to a [local media], a week ago she noticed that the figure was clearly seen in the window of her vehicle.

“I went out to take out the garbage and I felt as if a light passed in front of my face and I staggered. My son had left my car a little while ago, so I called him to ask if he had put a stamp on the glass and he said no. They came with my daughter-in-law and froze when they saw it. I sent photos to two friends who teach catechism, one in Huanchilla and the other in La Carlota. They were impressed ," said Belén.

Upon finding the image of Christ, they immediately went to the local priest , Father Jorge Basso. The priest told them that he believed that it was not a miracle " it was a blessing ".

Later, “we prayed and he blessed the car. Until today [Thursday, July 21] it has not been erased and that we have washed it, we have passed alcohol and nail polish remover, but nothing, the image is still there , ”said the woman.

Father Bassi expressed that, although one must be cautious regarding these facts, he recognized that “it is undoubtedly something that does not have an explanation from logic, it is something extraordinary. Something that doesn't happen often."

The priest who went to the place assures that there is no evidence that the image of Christ has been placed in the glass naturally.

“I went up to the car and didn't see any stickers or decals . Nor was it seen that the glass could have been worked with the human hand, "said the priest.

Belén is very moved by this image of Christ in his vehicle. "I'm going to church. I had an illness that luckily I improved from last year. In that course we passed ugly things, but this image gives us a lot of strength to continue , ”she said.