Virgin Mary cries Magdalena de Kino, Mexico




September 11, 2022 - Reported [here]. Video [here]. People shocked by an image of the Virgin that would cry oil. The city of Magdalena de Kino, in the north of the State of Sonora (Mexico) is shocked by an image of the Virgin Mary that, according to parishioners, would cry oil.

The video that records the moment in which the statue shows signs of tears went viral on social networks. The episode took place in the [San Felipe de Jesús temple].

A chronicler from the site [El Imparcial] went to the scene, interviewed parishioners and obtained the statement of the parish priest.

I saw her face as if it were wet, but more than water it was oil, it was oil that she exudes,” said María de Lourdes Martínez, the sacristan of the temple.

“I think that the Virgin is giving us this message of redemption, that we convert, that we get closer to her. That we are more human, more Catholic, that we are sensitive to the pain of the people around us”, commented Eva María Nevárez, a faithful who came to the place.

Another parishioner commented that what could be observed in the image of the Virgin was “like when a child is left crying and it is marked that he cried, that he did not clean himself… that is what I observed. I did not see drops of water, but I did see the mark that something came out.

For his part, Father Jesús Eleazar Tarazón told El Imparcial that “we must not disavow or encourage the fact, rather guide to live the faith. We must be aware of what is happening around us, and love for the Virgin is a pillar of our people”.