David Milarch: Save God's Trees!

NDEr David Milarch is serving Archangel Michael's request that he build a Noah's ark for the great trees of Earth. He talks about his angelic encounter and how it all started in this [video] interview.




February 27, 2023 - Story from an NDE Radio [interview] with Lee Witting. Following is a rough transcript of the interview.

Now NDE radio a weekly exploration of near-death experiences and similar encounters with the other side. Now here's your host Lee Whitting. many NDErs return to their bodies with the belief that Earth is Just a dream just a place to rehearse for life in heaven. Our true home. They treat the Earth as merely a way station for sorting out who goes to heaven and who does not. But what they don't understand is that this Earth is a gem in the crown of God's creation. God's word and Consciousness. God's very being was breathed into and throughout the nature of the woods and waters the soil and stones and living creatures we live among are a part of this. This is our Garden of Eden. But we the Fallen children of creation are poisoning our garden through our greed and thoughtlessness. That was not God's intention for us. God appointed us the gardeners the caretakers of the Earth.

Earth is not some Motel 6 for us to stop at overnight. But an integral part of our home with God. That is why our guests today brought back such an important message from his near-death experience over three decades ago. At that time David Milarch was feeling he'd been wasting his life in attempting to overcome his addiction to alcohol. His body was shutting down and to make matters worse he feared he'd been a disappointment to his wife and boys. But then David had his near-death experience where Angels let him know he had a job to do. The Earth is in trouble its trees are dying and without them, human life is in jeopardy. The solution they later told him was to clone the champion trees of the world.

The largest the heartiest the ones that had survived Millennia and were most resilient to climate change and create a kind of Noah's Ark of tree genetics. Without knowing if the message had any basis in science. Or why he'd been chosen for this task. David began his mission of cloning the world's great trees. Many scientists and Tree Experts told him it couldn't be done. But three decades later, he, his sons, and his team have successfully cloned some of the world's oldest trees. Among them are the giant redwoods and Sequoias they've also grown seedlings from the oldest trees in the Bristlecone Pine named Methuselah.

To date David has won many awards and commendations from publications and conservation groups for the work of his Archangel Ancient Tree Archive organization these include the Detroit News Michigan of the year, The Grant Thornton Leader and Innovator award, The Garden Clubs of America distinguished service award, Traverse the magazine person of the year, National Daughters of the American Revolution, National Conservation medal, the National Garden Clubs Award of Excellence for conservation biography, Magazine's Hero award and the Garden Clubs of America Zone X highest award for conservation. The story is also told in a book by Jim Robbins the man who planted trees.

David Milarch welcome to NDE radio. It's truly my pleasure to be here. It's wonderful to be here. You have had such a unique experience. And you've done so much with what you learned there. Now I can't wait to talk to you about it. David as a child you got some first-hand experience working on your family's tree farm didn't you? Maybe we could begin with that. What was it like growing up on a family tree farm? I was born and raised actually in Livonia a suburb of Detroit. Oh okay, my Father had a nursery there. A wholesale nursery. So ever since I was a little guy three or four years old as soon as I stepped outside the house I was at work. And at a very early age that was back in the 50's we started very young. We do things to help at the nursery you know earn a living for the family. Like a little bit of weeding a little bit of everything. So I'm 73 today. My entire life I've lived either at the nursery. I moved up to northern Michigan when I was 21 to the family farm. Which is a sixth-generational farm. Like there have been six generations of Milarch. So far on the land but I've always lived near plants or in the last 50 years with trees. So it's not like a job. It's more like I've had a lifestyle with plants and trees for my entire life.

Wow well, David tell us what was going on in your life when you were dying at only 41 years old and had your NDE. Well, what was going on is I did die. I had total renal failure and when you have total renal failure your kidneys and livers quit working and you have three or four days to live. Because you start to blow up. You turn yellow your eyes turn red and it's like the worst hangover you ever had multiplied. It's like you're poisoning yourself to the death your body can't get rid of any of the fluids so the pressure starts to increase around your heart it's not uncommon for the heart to stop beating because of the pressure and it's a miserable way to go in a slow way to go. So I didn't get near dear death experience I had a death experience yeah. And I'm certain of it. I was in the hospital over in Frankfort Michigan and the doctors told me that I was sick a friend of mine took me into the emergency room after three or four days. I know I was home. I was home and I said I don't want anybody to bother me. My wife and kids, I said yeah I'm either coming out of the bedroom alive or dead but I'm coming out sober either way. And after the third or fourth day, I was really, really in trouble. I had a hard time breathing. I blew up and so they took me over to the hospital to see if there was anything that could be done and there wasn't. The doctor said that we could probably keep you around for this afternoon maybe tonight so the family could come in. But you're going to pass over. And I said no I'm not. He said yes you are. We'll put you on dialysis trying to get some of the pressure out around your heart. But you're not gonna make it. I said yes I am.

It confused them it kind of made him not very happy. But to make a long story short we were both right. I did pass on later that night. But to my surprise, I was sent back when I went through that experience. I went to the other side and it's like probably a lot of other people have seen. It was beautiful there. There was like what you would call a city. But not a city as we see here on Earth. There were a lot of light beams and people in spirit did pass on later that night and I think you said that you felt like a thud in your chest. And that you had started with an out-of-body experience is that right?

Well, when I was in the emergency room for two or three hours. Let's back up just a little bit the doctor said well we're gonna try and take the pressure off the heart. The fluids are stopping your heart and will put you on dialysis. and try and keep you around so your family can come. So that's exactly what they did but he said you're probably Hemorrhaging to death because you know your hearts degraded and when they got that finished I did feel better. And I said I'm going home and the doctor said you're not going home. I said yes I'm going home. He said you're going upstairs to go on dialysis. I said we're going to try and keep you around. I said no you're not. So I said my friends here that brought me here. Larry, I said I want Larry to come in and help me get to the car. I want to go home. So he the doctor got really angry and I said you can't keep me here. And that's what I want to do.

I was a hospital chaplain for 15 years you're the kind of patient we always dreaded. Having you had a mind of your own well it said in the description that I read that you were out of your body. You looked down at your body and you said I looked awful bloated. Skin was yellow and gray. But then you must have got started through the tunnel is that right? Well, first I had to get out of the hospital. So my friend Larry came in and I couldn't walk. So he put me up over his shoulder and carried me out to the truck. Oh no and the hospital is not very happy with me. But I did make it home. And he didn't make it home. I couldn't walk he carried me into the house. And into my bedroom. And I thanked him and he left.

Late around that night I did pass over. My body died. And I you know you lift up you know to like the ceiling of your bedroom. And you're still you. You're still conscious. Just like we are right now. And I saw myself laying there. I didn't look very good. It wasn't one of my better days. Then an angel came and they know how afraid you are because you're afraid. It's you know difficult and things. And so right they sent an angel she said I'm going to take you across and she goes don't be frightened I know you're frightened I'm right here with you and after I lifted up to the city.

We went into the tunnel of light which seemed to be about I think 10 feet in diameter. White lights or the lighting of that dimension walls with these Helix. Is a band of pink light one way and blue light the other way. And off we went it was like getting shot out of a cannon. It is pretty frightening. You're going pretty fast but, she was hanging on it wasn't very long. It seemed like less than a minute. We arrived stopped and stepped out into that dimension. It is the most beautiful place. There are harmonics of music that waved through your light body. It's just it's so beautiful it's difficult to describe. Other than holding your firstborn baby just after the baby's born. That thing is nice. So I saw what I presumed as friends in their spirit bodies. And you can see who they are. And a city in the background. Then all of a sudden a very, very powerful thunderous energy came. And it was Archangel Michael and Archangel Michael was very large very, very, very powerful. I could feel that power.

And he said to me he said David Michael. You have to go back. I was I knew that there was no argument with whatever that energy was. And I just got there and I said why? He said you have work to do and he said don't try and come back here. And he also said you will never take another drink again as long as you're on Earth. I was ready to agree to anything because of the tremendous energy and strength of this being. So two angels came and took me back through the tunnel of light. Back into my bedroom. I hovered over the city and went back down into my physical body. When I went into my physical body my wife called my mother because she said they knew that I was gone. I know I had died and I scared the bejesus out of her. Because when I came back into my body I sat up she said and I was talking to somebody in the corner of the bedroom well it was the middle of the night.

I was talking to the angel and she couldn't see the angel. So all of a sudden she's getting ready to call the ambulance to take me. Because I was gone and lo and behold I sat up. And I said I'm really thirsty. Could you get me some water? That's all I said. She was shaking pretty good. I guess I drank some water and I went back to sleep. That's how it was for me. When you were in the other place people often talked about a feeling of unconditional love. Did you experience that in waves? It just waves after wave after wave of unconditional love. But also the lights or the lighting of that Dimension. There are beautiful colors that we don't have here on Earth. A lot of them and so there's this wave after wave of unconditional love going through your spirit body.

Which you know it pretty much looks like who you are right now. It's you in your conscious like we are right now. But between the lighting the waves of unconditional love. And then there's a harmonic not really a song but harmonics. That wave through you that come through you. Also that is like beautiful, beautiful vibrational music. It's spectacular. It's you know if you had the option to stay there and come back you definitely want to stay there. Because it's a lot lighter and more beautiful and loving in here. So the colors the light the music and the love are all like a vibration.

They all tied together somehow. I would imagine that they are. But you know I don't have the Consciousness to discern each of them. But it's just wave after wave and the word that comes to mind is the rapture of the unconditional love of beauty. A tremendous love that supersedes everything. That's what it feels like. But if you can still function it's you know not overpowering. Now Archangel Michael is so important to the world. Describe how he looked. I think he said he had a dark blue cape. He was about appeared to be 20 to 30 feet tall. It was clear it was dark blue a clear light color and golden eyes. He wasn't carrying a sword or a shield or any of that stuff but his voice was sort of like thunder. It was you know very, very, very powerful but also lovey. It's not, it wasn't like a scary powerful it was like a real positive you know. I've come to learn after that experience. I started working with Michael every night for the last 30 years.

Archangel Michael is in charge of all other Archangels by the Edict of the Creator or God.

So he's ahead of all the archangels and his primary job is to protect planet Earth. That's his main job. Is protection well not just humans but all of the Earth's families. You know we have kingdoms. We have the animal kingdom. We have the plant kingdom. We have the kingdom the oceans. He oversees other archangels and many, many, many Legions of angels. They are here to help. And Archangel Michael is available to anybody. There's no such thing as being a wrong religion or the wrong ethnic or anything all you have to do is think or say Archangel Michael I need your help. And automatically there's a line of light that goes to your beat.

What I've come to learn is that a lot of other people. You know don't know about or haven't learned that you know prayer is asking or saying Archangel Michael I need your help. Put out that call and if you really really want to get things moving a lot quicker or more powerfully. This is a free-will Planet Creator. Or God said this planet is going to be a free-will planet. So all of us have free will what we do with it is our business. We can give our free will to a political organization. An army, government a church, or whatever. You know it's ours to do with but if we say Archangel Michael I need your help and I give you my permission to help me that's you know that allows the Angels the archangels the light beings to engage because it's a free will planet they really need our our permission and attention. So everybody and anybody listening. If you'd like to give it a try say Archangel Michael I need your help and I give you my permission to help me. Yes, that completes the cycle. And things really get moving that way. So yeah I think there are a lot of religions, churches, and governments, that don't want you to know that when you give your permission or your will to whoever it is or whatever it is then they can engage. So be careful who you give it to or what you give it to make sure it's loving and it's positive and it's for your highest good that's my advice too.

Archangel Michael will listen the Angels gave you some direction sometime later after you've recovered. Tell us about how those notes came to be. Well, when I did come back I could not walk. The renal failure had taken my ability to walk. I'd lost nearly 100 pounds. My feet and ankles were turning black. The nurse that did my feet, my ankles, and I was a tremendous pain. So I used to have to keep both feet in two different five-gallon buckets of ice water to kill the pain. I had to do that every half hour or so around the clock. So it was recovery a month to six weeks. Before I could walk again. I had all I could do to try and heal my body.

But one night about a month I think it was about a month. Maybe maybe six weeks. One night at two a.m in the morning an angel came into the bedroom. And the bedroom got really bright. My wife did not get woken up. They have a way to see that your partner is able to sleep through. And the angel said to me go out into the living room. Into your leather recliner have a yellow pad and a pen. So the light was so bright I had my hand over my eyes. It was still bright. So I said I will if you'll turn the lights down it's too bright. So they turn the lights down. So I could navigate and I went out in the kitchen and got a yellow pad and a pen. I went over to my leather recliner. And I'll tell you I was you know it was a little disconcerting. And I sat there and I really had no idea what was going on. And they said take these notes then that's all I remember. I woke up at six o'clock in the morning with a yellow pad. With seven pages of a perfect outline. The spelling was perfect. The outline I mean the layout of the outline was perfect.

And the project was there on my lap. Well, my wife happens to teach English. And about six o'clock she came up and I was sitting over the chair kind of dazed and she goes what are you doing? I said I'm not exactly sure she looked at the pad picked up. She goes who wrote this? And she goes and I don't write cursive I only print in all capitals and everything was you know and I said I guess I did. She goes you can't do that you don't know her that's not your outline. I said I don't know how it got here an angel's helped me and that's all I know. And she said well I think we better get the boys up for school. And she goes and that's how the project the outline for this project came through 30 years ago. And we're still following that outline today. It was perfect. It was hard to understand a lot of it 30 years ago. How things would come to where they are. But we were in bankruptcy at the time we had no extra money. Wow I was not you know physically able to work to earn a living. Because I hadn't recovered enough. And so you know when you read the project. You know you're gonna go out into the world like sort of like Noah's Ark and you're going I'm to bring the great species the great oldest largest species of trees two by two into a living Library like uh Noah did with the animals.

I had no money for travel. I didn't know how to do it. My physical health wasn't there. And I said I was willing but there was no capacity. So I started below water financially, physically, and mentally. And I did not know how to do it so that's how it started. Wow, what did the first page tell you? I mean how did you get started? Did you go out and raise the money? Or did you recruit your sons in a seven-page outline? There was never any mention of raising money. We've never had a fundraising so to speak. For 30 years we've never wrote any grants. People come into Archangel of ancient trees, individuals now all over the world. And substantial amounts of money just happened to show up at the appropriate time. Through usually unknown channels. So as needs are as our needs became greater and greater we're at about two million dollars a year to run the project globally. Where we're at wow uh it just seems that people that read our book. Read we have a tremendous amount of international press every year. People see our projects that we're doing around the country and around the world. And they just step up and they say we'd like to help.

There was a lady that passed away last fall in Seattle Washington that left us a million dollars in her will. I've never met the lady. I don't know who she is but we're planting our redwoods at Sequoias in 35 different cities around Puget Sound and we're giving them all to the different groups. She must have seen that and blowed the hole out of the blue and given a million dollar gift from a lady that I never met and they actually don't want us to acknowledge her or anything it was just a gift. So wow the money part wasn't there. They said you had to find the big trees so go find the world's largest and oldest big trees. Okay so that was job one locate find you know find a list and the maps then go to and you know the largest and oldest trees. So we did that in our local area, to begin with.

And then it went to the state and then the Midwest than the country. You know now internationally. So it's uh it's pretty darn amazing. That we're at where we're at under the circumstances. But here we are. Yeah well, you're transplanting redwoods and Sequoias. Talk about the process of that. Because you're going up to the tops of the trees aren't you? Well, remember these are the world's largest tallest oldest trees. And we don't only do just do sequoia the redwoods. We've done over 70 different species of trees in the United States and some in Europe and Ireland. But they have to be the measured largest and tallest of that species to fit the criteria. So let's just say tomorrow I leave uh to go back to California. Once again excuse me the New York Times magazine is waiting for us tomorrow to do a story on giant sequoias. It'll be our ninth feature story in the New York Times. Wow well, they have a film crew there and they want to know how are we able to clone 3000-year-old giant sequoias.

They are nearly 400 feet tall and the trunks of these trees are 35 feet across. So there's a fascination around the world with these trees. They were 1500 years old when Jesus walked the Earth. These trees are older than feral Ramses II. They're just they're ancient they're still alive. And yes we climb up the trees. All the way to the tops and now to the end of the branches to get this year's new growth off of the giant ancient trees. And that seems to be the material that unlike any other group in the world they've tried. We've been we've had success with. But I think at our propagation facility in northern Michigan we have Angels and Archangels here. Around the clock I mean when people walk into this building they go whoa. What is that feeling so it's uh there's definitely we have help from you know higher Dimensions. Uh doing the impossible. And if people ask and give their permission no matter what you're asked to do or what your mission is. Your chances are about a thousand times greater than it will be accomplished If instead of trying just to rely on yourself.

And you know who you think you are if you ask for divine guides. The Divine help and give your permission they engage and they can will open doors and miracles will start in your life that I'm certain of. I live near a town named Castine in Maine where they still have some of the giant old elm trees and I was wondering if you cloned any of those? Yes, they're beautiful, beautiful trees. We've cloned the national champion American elm. That happened to be in Buckley Michigan. And we discovered that about 15 years ago. And when we discovered that tree it was a 150 feet tall 120-foot Crown spread and the trunk was uh 11 feet across the trunk. We discovered that tree went out in every media around the world the first media that heard about us discovering it was the Chicago Tribune and it made the front page of the Chicago Tribune. Paul Harvey heard about it he put it on his radio broadcast the New York Times.

Reporter Associated Press Center reporter and they put it out around the world. Smithsonian's Magazine Santa reporter in a helicopter to photograph it so that American elm. Launched this project around the world when we were lucky enough to find the largest one in the world. But they still need our help yes now you're moving these species further north to compensate for global warming. Yes, it's called assisted migration. So because of how fast our climates are changing and how fast the oceans are rising and how fast an increase in temperature. And a lack of rain there are a little over 8, 000 different species of trees, and over half that list of species of trees are endangered or threatened. And two of the ones that leave that list are the redwoods and sequoias. So ten years ago we decided to try and keep them around excuse me we have cloned 65 of the largest oldest Coast redwoods alive today successfully. And we've known about a dozen of the largest oldest giant sequoias alive today. And they're all two to three thousand years old. Now what the media is coming for is that we began replanting old growth Redwood and we've begun replanting all growth Sequoia forests that were lost to fires in the last few years or lost to lobby most people do not know we've cut down 98 of our old growth trees here in the United States.

There's only two percent of all growth left on Coast redwoods the Beloved redwoods that you see in postcards. And you think they're in California they're not we've got 96 of the old-growth redwoods down. Wow, most of it was sold for pennies on a dollar to Asia through illegal means. Or barely legal means of some of our political leadership in Washington D.C. So we're starting to rebuild old-growth redwood forest not just in California but in Oregon, Washington, Chile, New Zealand, Wales, and England. Because man's greed seems to know no limit and these trees are the first in the world of two to three-thousand-year-old trees successfully being cloned when they get bigger there will be people probably eager to cut them down and convert them into money as they have. All the rest. Wow, so we've spread them out around the world to try and beat stay one step ahead of the loggers? Yeah, I've been to Muir Woods in California. It's beautiful, beautiful trees these trees should be protected by national parks. Well if you remember uh as recently as our last president the first week our last president was in office he took all the protection off of Mining and lobby National State national forests and national parks the very first week in office. It wasn't our current president it was the one before that yeah so it was first to work was to unprotect our national forest in an old-growth tree so that his friends could convert that into money for their corporations yeah terrible. So global warming leads to drought and then drought leads to bark beetles and bark beetles take the trees down to global warming leads to war eventually because when you shut off people's access to water and food they don't usually just sit around millions and millions of them and die slowly.

You know from a lack of food or die quickly from a lack of water they get agitated and they start to move. We can look all over the world in Africa a lot of places around the world where people are dying and starving and 1 there's not enough water and you'll see mass migrations of people so mass migrations mean they don't care where the food and water is they're going to get there to try and get it. So the result of climate change actually is a war over water and food now our friends that are listing in California I don't need to talk to you about a lack of water I mean we've had nice rains lately. But the reservoirs were nearly empty a month ago uh you're still not out of the woods you're in the middle of a thousand-year drought. Uh and I would say that building our great cities in the desert was a real mistake. It's not sustainable, you don't build your major cities in the middle of the desert and then haul all the water all the food, and everything it keeps to try and sustain tens of millions of people. It doesn't work. I mean you've drained every river in the west you've drained every Reservoir in the west you're down to get drilling water 2, 000 feet down. It's 10 million years old and sooner or later you're going to run out of water. And you're going to run out of food. That's what the scientists are saying so we need to rethink our sustainability lens.

Also my friends I don't know what cities like Phoenix are going to do in the next few years seems like they've created a monster out there. well, do you know Las Vegas, Nevada Phoenix, San Diego, and Los Angeles, they're all in the same boat. They were built in the deserts and when there's no food or water your real estate prices are probably going to take quite a dip so I think you might want to think about that one before you buy your home in the desert.

Yeah, why is it that you take the top needles off the top cuttings off the tops of the trees? Rather than taking the seeds from the tree? Well everybody failed before when they were trying to clone these old trees. They were when we first started they would about laugh us out of town they said well trying to get several hundred years old or several thousand-year-old trees to reproduce it's like trying to ask a 115-year-old woman to have a baby. It won't work we've tried you know how often you guys claim that blah blah blah. Well, I went into consultation 30 years ago with my physical father. And I asked him because we'd been in the tree business for three generations he goes well if you would if you would if you wanted to take your best chance at that I would suggest you go to the very tops of the trees and out to the end of the branches and get this year's new growth before the hormones and the messengers get to that new growth. And say I can't be cloned that might be your best shot son. So you know you have to have the world's most technical and greatest climbers in the world to climb the world's tallest and biggest trees.

I mean you know climbers that have experience in that are very. very rare. But that's what we did. We found guys that were able to go up the tallest trees in the world out to the end of the branches we brought that back. And that's the secret it has worked ever since we started getting this year's new growth. And no matter what species of freezing you know before the hormones and the messengers say no it can't, it won't work, it's almost like taking stem cells from humans before they're assigned to a job. I don't know the cellular relationship. You know cloning trees, we don't change the genetics we don't change the DNA. You know we don't mess with it with genetics at all. Now the way that trees that we're propagating a lot of our trees is through we have a tissue culture lab here at Archangel in northern Michigan. So you know we're experimenting and getting some pretty good results with tissue call tree and micropropagation of our trees and in that way, you could take a very small amount of material and turn that into millions of trees in a year or two.

So that's the wave of the future is 5 utilizing microaspiration and tissue culture but it's not like we're changing the DNA or changing the genetics. You know it's almost all species of trees worldwide that are self-cloning. It's just that we haven't learned how to work with nature and ask that tree to help us help a tree because a lot of the trees that we've flown over the last 30 years are no longer with us. They die, they've been cut down, uh and there's eco-terrorism. There are a lot of people that don't want to be told what to do and what not to do so we no longer give the locations of where the trees are because they've come they'll cut it down and kill it just so nobody can say you can't do this. With anger and out of spite to kill the tree that we found the biggest. That's happened to several species talk a little about for the people that look at financial values in life the financial value of a tree left standing as opposed to cutting it down for wood.

Well, the American forest and the United States government forest service have taken the value of a 12-inch diameter tree in the city and it contributes sixty-four thousand dollars worth of benefits per tree per year in urban areas. Wow, so a tree's value is per year if we let them live and help clean the air water, and habitat. And Lottery prices I'm not sure what that is but it's quick money you see it's quick money and then if you get the book Jim Robbins book The Man Who planted trees he's a New York Times science reporter who lives in Helena Montana. He's footnoted uh the book that he wrote about our project the man who planted trees and back 12 13 years ago when we were traveling together and he was getting information. I had brought through that trees have a Consciousness and feelings just like humans. While there is no science to prove that back then but you'll read about it in the book and now The book's worth reading because not just my story which is just a story it's footnoted and we now know for certain there are hard science-approved trees feel pain. So every tree that we've cut down felt the pain and screamed that pain out and the other trees in the area were able to pick that up they're conscious they can recognize different individuals they talk to us and they understand when we talk to them and there's hard science to prove that now. So all the logging that we've done everywhere all the boards in all of our homes all of the stuff that we said well it's just a commodity it's just wood it came from a conscious living being that felt the pain when it was cut down.

Think about that that's not my opinion there's hard science now to prove that I interviewed an NDEr who when he was out of his body said he walked through a desk and could feel the conscious vibration what was the remnant of the conscious vibration of the wood in that desk that's incredible. I don't I'm not that sensitive but I will I've led many many reporters for many many notable World newspapers notable world magazines8 and I've taken them on tours of the Redwoods and I've shown them how to communicate with the trees. I've shown them the physical procedure to back up to the tree put their back on their hands to the side Palms on the tree relax and start to communicate with that tree. And some of those experiences have been profound sometimes even the spirit of the tree will come out of the tree and take form as energy and converse with the individual. Usually, they don't do that unless they're skeptical you know the who's ever you know but we've taught it's one of the things that archangels it's our goal to teach all the children of the world how to go out in their backyard or wherever their favorite tree is. And start to carry on a conversation with the wisdom of that tree. And we teach them how to do that. I am certainly a tree hugger. But I've never thought to put my back to the tree rather than my front to the tree why we have some large Oaks and some large Pines on my property anybody can do it it's you know indigenous people Native Americans all over the world for thousands of years have been talking to trees I mean the only ones that didn't believe in that the only ones that haven't practiced it are the Arrogant Europeans that settle this country but for thousands of years there are over 800 tribes of indigenous people they've been.

Talking to the animals to the trees for Millennia so here's how you do it walk out to your favorite tree say hey I would like to diverse with you talk to it and I can't hear you right now and I'm you know I'm kind of skeptical but I'll try it and walk up to the tree turn around and put your back in the back of your head up against the tree and reach down and put each palm of your hand one on each side of you put your palms of your hands on the trunk of the tree and hold that position and sort of go into a meditation and say I would like to communicate with you know the consciousness of who you are then just be quiet then you'll start to feel things come through your body like waves of energy. Okay and then you can close your eyes and say start your conversation say could you say something and if you're quiet and you start to pay attention you start to hear Whispers and then he said oh boy is that why am I making that up am I hearing things or whatever and I have to say within oh two or three times of consciously trying that you'll be able to have conversations with any tree that you choose. But I'd suggest you go to your favorite tree, uh and that's what we teach children all over the country.

If you go on our website we have a tree School we're only doing we've we've learned from the wisdom of the indigenous people you know the native people indigenous people all over the world they're the ones that uh like I said have been doing it for millennia. It's it puts a whole different perspective on the kingdom of the forest. They aren't just a commodity they are living conscious beings with messages that can help have you learned from Archangel Michael what role the Earth plays in our lives and in the life of the creation that God made it's Earth School there are many many schools in many many dimensions around this around the universe Earth is Earth School it's where we incarnate as human beings to work on our weaknesses to work on our faults to help our souls we have before we incarnate before we are brought into that baby's body that humans we create bodies, not Souls only God creates Souls before we incarnate we have a powwow back home because this is not home.

Of what we're going to work on and what we need to work on to purify our soul and so there'll be a short list of things that reoccur in our life over and over and over again for our opportunity to work on it and do it up and to love it. And heal it one of mine was drinking you know it's my opinion I drank for many many lifetimes and you know if God in his Mercy there's no time limit you know if you choose and ask for help to put that behind you. You know your alcoholism that you will get help and uh it is possible but once you master that. You don't have to come back and do it again so it's Earth School. We're here to work on the purification of our soul very specifically what we need to work on and to finish karmic dances with other people that we've been here on Earth with in other times. That's my reality of why we're here on Earth and I would say why not ask Archangel Michael yourself who's ever listening say Archangel Michael if you can hear me which you can and I give you my permission. why are we on earth? I would ask for yourself and begin that dialogue with Archangel Michael.

Yeah, you mentioned Moon trees I got the feeling that it was possible seeds could have traveled to Earth from other places on meteors perhaps if they can survive and thrive in space. Tell us about that well we have what we call the Moon tree because one of the astronauts 30 years ago took a sack of Redwood seeds put it in his suit went to the moon circled the moon and brought him back to Earth and we have some of those trees that we propagated what we call the Moon tree from the seeds that went to the moon and around the Moon and back. I can't say that I'm wise enough to know the origin of where all life comes from. I don't know but I do know somebody or something had to assist here on this planet Earth it's gone through tremendous uh changes. I happen to believe that you know we've nearly destroyed the planet a couple of times before where we're at right now uh there's evidence there is archaeological evidence to indicate that nuclear Holocaust we've wiped ourselves out in the past with that uh you know in things as they are right now there's so much that everybody needs to do to try and help assure that their grandchildren have a life on this planet because there is a group of ten thousand of the world's brightest scientists a lot of them are climate scientists that give the Earth humans on Earth 50 years and 50 years from now life for human beings will no longer be possible on planet Earth check it out look it up Google it.

Start to explore that that is not acceptable to me. I cannot give my grandchildren my great-grandchildren well sorry I had to make a lot of money sorry I needed my second vacation home sorry I was too busy at work I could not help our mother earth I did not do anything to try and assure that we can reverse the challenge that we have so your great-grandchildren could live on this planet. Uh everybody needs to get off the couch get out of their work chair and start today to help Mother Earth our planet that provides everything that we eat everything that we breathe everything. That we drive we can't wait any longer that's the message why I agree to do this show is to encourage people you can't sit in the bleachers any longer or out of time okay you need to make small efforts not just recycle but plant two trees every year so for every member of your family. Please set the goal to plant two trees a year and then water them to make sure that they live because it's getting so hot and dry if everybody planted two trees a year for every man woman and child on this planet for 20 years we'd reverse climate change back to 1980. It wouldn't be an issue. There are ways to reverse this there are ways to turn this around but it isn't by sitting on a couch or in your work chair or by doing nothing sitting on your hands God put us here as the stewards of this planet. Not to use it up for personal gain. We are God's stewards to help our mother. Mother Earth I think the stewardship Act of stewardship starts today and do it for your children.

And your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren to come or they won't be able to that's the message. I like to relate to David you refer to past lives do you see us as reincarnating as trees? Is there a possibility if we eliminate ourselves as humans through another nuclear war or whatever could we come back as part of nature? That you're planning right now it's my understanding with the archangels God is not going to allow us to destroy this planet for the third time. They are going they are here to intervene in man's greed. Knows no limit man's anger and hatred know no limits. It will not be allowed to destroy this planet several people will are going to remain on this planet to help rebuild it help build it in light and love not man's greed. Okay so the planet will not be destroyed we can't destroy it it's too big and too powerful.

We can only destroy ourselves and that's not going to be allowed. So people that believe in the Rapture, yeah a lot of people are going to leave here and go home. But there will be a number left to help rebuild God's Planet but not under the rules we have right now. So no we won't come back as trees as humans and lightworkers to rebuild this planet. That's my belief in my understanding have we been trees I think it was possible a long long time ago to incarnate as trees but I'm not sure. And I haven't worried about that too much there's too much to do right now. Yeah, there's such a remarkable consciousness that we've neglected or we have never really fully appreciated trees so we can talk to each other through their roots and dolphins and other large-brained animals like whales we just go out and hunt and kill but they are very wise. We could learn and benefit much more from their wisdom than their meat. Trees by the way are antennas each species of tree gathers day and night. Different cellular energies modulate those cellular energies that they pick up day and night and turn that into life force through the root systems to keep life force here on this planet. There are connectors to the heavens. There are connectors to the universe. And some antennas gather that create life force and harmonic. We're not only cutting down the lungs of the earth we're cutting down the life force itself that it gathers from millions and millions of different stars and each species of tree. It's a lot more than just boards my friends we're killing the planet by cutting down the very life source that creates life source for Mother Earth our antennas the trees.

If some of our listeners would like to help you with this project how would they find out more about you what's your website? And tell them again about the book well the book is the man who planted trees by Jim Robbins. He's a New York Times Science Diet reporter we don't get the royalties off of it we didn't write it but it's doing well around the world. Because of a lot of the things we've talked about, there's hard science now to prove. I would say get a copy of the book and you can get a copy of the book course on Amazon or on our website we have many international news media that you know we've done over the last few years showing our climbers going up these ancient trees. The tree school kids propagate these trees all over the world and it's ancient it's the name of our organization is Archangel ancient trees. So if you Google Archangel learning to trees you can find our website but our website is ancient tree archive.org we're a 501c3 federally recognized non-profit we won't pester you for money if you're touched and called and would like to help the children of the world trees of the world go to our website and there are many places on that website where you can give a contribution. Or you can sponsor a whole growth. I always like to build a whole Redwood Grove that'll be there for the next two or three thousand years with your family Nema that's possible so there are lots of different ways to help and if trees aren't your thing I would encourage everybody to start today.

Do something positive and kind for Mother Earth. David thank you so much for this. I hope people take this message to heart it's really important it's very important. And I thank you for presenting it in such a clear way such and intelligent way. Well, you're welcome and it's a gift that I'm here to even give the message. I mean folks every day's a gift as you well know and I'm here on borrowed time. I'm your host Lee whitting saying thanks for listening.

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