Virgin of Fatima weeps, mantle turns color - Argentina


Our Lady cries and her mantle turns light blue.


The Virgin of Fatima in Merlo: An extraordinary phenomenon.

February 29, 2024 - Reported [here] and [here]. Rough translation from Spanish. The Catholic community of Villa de Merlo cannot escape its astonishment and shock. In the last few hours, several testimonies came to light that report “miraculous” events in the oratory of the Virgin of Fátima, located in the Piedra Blanca Arriba neighborhood. All the stories agree that the image's cloak changes color and that tears flow from her face.

The figure of this invocation of the Virgin Mary is located in an outdoor space and is protected by a type of tempered glass box. According to what was reported, no modification or alteration was made to the sculpture. Precisely that made the assumptions of a divine event gain more strength among the faithful.

“According to what the people who are close to the grotto tell me, the image has not been painted, they have also confirmed that at times it goes from being white to very light blue, the color is very striking, some have even seen a tear on its face” said Father Federico Kunz.

But not only the residents of the town witnessed this prodigy. Patricia, a tourist who visited the destination last week, captured images and shared her experience: “I was in Merlo for a few days, on Friday, February 23, when passing by the hermitage of the Virgin of Fátima, I was struck by the color of the mantle. It was light blue and not white as it should. As we approached to pray, I also observed on her face, as if she had a drop of water on her chin, and a shine on her cheek, as if it were a tear.

The parish priest described these demonstrations as “extraordinary phenomena.” “These signs transcend human understanding and defy conventional scientific explanations. Although some might look for logical reasons behind these phenomena, we cannot ignore the astonishment they arouse in those who come to ask Mary for her personal intentions,” he considered.

“The Virgin of Fátima in Merlo has become a spiritual beacon for many, a place where the divine manifests itself in everyday life. Perhaps we will never fully understand these mysteries, but her presence continues to inspire faith and hope in those who seek comfort and protection,” said the priest.

The arrival of the image to Merlo

“Since 1996, the idea of ​​bringing an image of the Virgin of Fátima from Portugal and blessing it in the presence of Sister Lucia began to take shape. Over the years, with the collaboration of different architects such as Monsignor Roque Puyelli and Father David Picca, this idea became a palpable reality,” said the parish priests of Villa de Merlo, Rogelio Safigueroa and Federico Kunz.

“On April 8, 1999, the image finally arrived in Merlo, then it made a pilgrimage to numerous towns, chapels and homes. Due to a donation from the Municipality, it was placed in its current location. Since then, numerous passersby have visited and greeted the Virgin every time they pass in front of her,” the priests recalled.


The Oratory where the Virgin of Fátima is located, is at Avenida Dos Venados, in Piedra Blanca Arriba (Villa de Merlo).