Photo of the crowd outside the Rhoda Wise home June 28, 1946



Used with permission from author.


Photo/story from book titled Her Name Means Rose -The Rhoda Wise Story written by Karen Sigler S.F.O


Statement by Mrs. Rhoda Wise


Jesus appeared to me on Wednesday, April 3, 1940, at 2: 40AM. He stayed about ten minutes. He said," You must write, pen it down. I have much to say and will not see you again for a long time. Much will be accomplished before I return again. You must not weep.I could have prevented all this but had to test you out. Steady now. There are many sheep to be brought into fold. You bring many. Many are coming through your influence, but many are waiting for you to lead them in. So many ask you why you are chosen. You were chosen because you had the faith of a little child and believed everything that was told to you. Some think they believe, some want to believe, You did believe and for your faith, suffering, patience, and courage to carry on when all were against you, I have chosen you for a great work. Even he whom you considered your spiritual advisor at one time almost failed you. How you came through that day, only I knew and pitied you. He was chosen to help and advise you and you must obey him in all things.

This place is to be a shrine and cures more wonderful than your own will take place on this spot. Many will seek you and I command you regardless of race or color to contact all. I command you to fast for ten days and to be in constant prayer. Beginning on the anniversary of the day the Little Flower left the world and lived her life wholly for Me. Let nothing stop you. You cross will be heavy but you joys will be great. The story must now be printed and let all know God is still all powerful. Tell your friends and the head of your church at once." Jesus, your Savior

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