Miraculous photos taken at Holy Love shrine


Photos/stories by Andrew Barrett.


March 5, 2004 - This would have been my fifth time taking a pilgrimage to Holy Love. At the time I had two friends that were planning on starting a prayer group with me. Toby, one friend was planning on entering the seminary. Aaron, the other friend had been struggling with many issues.... lack of faith, drugs, a 21 year old lifestyle to name a few. He ended up backing out at the last moment. Toby and I went to Holy Love and offered up our trip for Aaron, what resulted were the following two photographs.

1: During the message there was a group of about 12 people standing together outside and when we looked up we could easily see the sun was spinning and moving throughout the sky, much the same way it did in Fatima in 1913. I quickly photographed the event and what came out was amazing. Never before had I seen a picture with not only a clear and radiant sun, but two suns. On top of that there seemed to be a third black hole, or anti-sun where indeed there should have been a third. This seemed to me to be a confirmation that out of the three that were supposed to be there, myself, Toby and Aaron, only two had made it. Two made it one did not. Two suns, and one spot for the third sun, but not there.

2: We stayed quite late that night and surprisingly so did some others. As we reached the sorrowful mysteries in the rosary Toby elbowed me and nodded up. The full moon that night seemed to be glowing more so than usual and moving out of its place. Again I photographed it and upon developing the film received further confirmation for Aaron that indeed he was being called by our Lord and Lady for a purpose as the moon seemed to turn to fire and spell his name in the sky (see sketch of his name). What made it all the more incredible is you could tell the camera was very still as the trees have no blur to them what so ever.

Maranatha Spring and Shrine at [Holy Love Ministries]. [Address] is 37137 Butternut Ridge Road Elyria, Ohio 44035