National Fatima Pilgrim Virgin weeps in Damascus and Haiti



Use with permission from Charles J. Herbert Sr.


Left: National Fatima Pilgrim Virgin for Syria weeps in Damascus July 20, 1977 and other times. Right: National Fatima Pilgrim Virgin to Haiti wept there in chapel attached to Cathedral May 26, 1976 at Port-au-Prince. There was expressive sadness in her face. Note furrowed brow. Same statue bottom right smiled in Philadelphia, but also has been described as looking weary at times at Blue Army Shrine Washington, NJ. It is also good to remember that images of Mary at times seem happy, pleased or smiling. At the big Rosary Peace Rally in Baton Rouge, September 1984 people noted that the American Pilgrim looked very pleased. Mary is happy with those who strive to fulfill Her requests.


Photo/story from book titled Mary, Why do you cry? Written by Father Albert J. Hebert, S.M. by Father Hebert.