Infant Jesus wept human tears, Italy




The statue of the infant Jesus which has wept human tears. It is kept in a glass case at the Cenacle of Prayer. On 28 December 1987 (the feast of the Holy In-nocents), tears fell from the eyes of this sacred image for about five hours. Four days later, Our Lady said: "...Jesus is weeping with me over the great indifference shown by men. He sees every spirit, every heart, but the hearts, the spirits, are far from Him. Remain close to him! My voice is not sufficient to make this appeal: may His tears bathe this arid humanity. Oh, this proud generation with its hardened heart will weep, how it will weep! Listen to me, my children".

What can one add to these words? Everyone can well understand the reasons behind the mysterious tears shed by this statuette. It was, nevertheless, a clear "sign" of God’s love, a strong call to all to return to Him.

The Infant Jesus weeps a second time - It would appear that the weeping of the statuette on that first occasion was not sufficient: on 31 December 1990, in the afternoon, the Infant Jesus wept again for over three hours in the cradle housed in a glass case in the chapel of the Ce-nacle. The many people who observed this sign were amazed and moved by this further prodigy from Heaven aimed at touching the hardened hearts of us human beings. The following night, on Monte di Cristo after the Stations of the Cross, Our Lady gave this message of explanation: "...Dear children, these are the hours of the new crucifixion of Jesus. Love Him and embrace Him with me".

The Infant Jesus weeps a third time - On 4 May 1993, at 10 a.m., while a group of pilgrims had paused to pray by the statuette, they became aware that the face of the Infant Jesus was covered in beads of sweat, and tears were falling from the eyes. One rested on the little mouth like a pearl.

Renato and some of his friends hurried in and were filled with wonder at the phenomenon. Rena-to attempted to open the glass case in order to gather up some tears with a syringe; this set off the alarm, causing many other people to come running in. This, then, was the third time that the statuette of the Infant Jesus had wept.



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