Our Lady of Lourdes wept Salta, Argentina

In Salta, while praying the Rosary, the Virgin began to cry. In the pictures you can see tears on the face of the Virgin.



February 7, 2012 - Reported at [fm899.com.ar]. Watch view video interview with priest Néstor Aramayo [here]. Also watch/view video news report [here]. [Translated] from Spanish. A youth group of young people stated that they found tears in the face of the Image of Our Lady of Lourdes. The fact would have occurred in a church of the Inter-Union district. Telephone contact, the parish priest of the area, Néstor Aramayo told that this "would have happened between Thursday or Friday of last week". Aramayo said that minors "they saw that they were falling tears on her face". "That's what they told me, I didn't see it," said. Also the priest informed that "these days the picture is normal". Finally the pastor considered that "any manifestation of the Virgin comes from Christ and the Gospel, is a positive experience".