The Virgin of Coromoto wept in Weston, Florida



The Virgin of Coromoto cries, Weston, Florida. Images from [here].



March 22, 2017 Reported [here], [here]. A replica of The Virgin of Coromoto (Virgin of Venezuela) wept in Weston. According to the owner of the Virgin who lives in our city. The images and videos of the Virgin immediately became viral. Local sources told that La Virgen was taken to the [Saint Katherine Drexel Church] facility where it was exposed for a few hours and then moved to a safer place. This event has caused astonishment and surprise in the community.

March, 22, 2017 Reported [here]. Last Monday in Weston, Miami, a prayer group of Venezuelans had the privilege of witnessing when an image of the Virgin of the Coromoto of the owner of the house began "to cry". The Virgin under the invocation of La Coromoto is the Patroness of the Venezuelan people. This group of Venezuelan Catholics is in the habit of meeting once a week to pray the rosary. On this occasion the group asked for the country, they addressed their prayers to the Patroness of Venezuela and it was emphasized that the Venezuelan believers rediscover the invocation of the Virgin of Coromoto. The owner of the house, has many images Marian in his residence, among them one of the Virgin of the Coromoto to which to the surprise of those present began to sprout water from his eyes. The image was transferred to the church of Sn Catherine Drexel in Weston, where the father had it in custody.

March 26, 2017 Reported [here]. A Venezuelan woman living in Weston, United States and a member of a religious prayer group, published a video showing the Virgin of Coromoto shedding tears as they prayed for Venezuela. In the video, the Venezuelan is very touched and moved by the event. The image was reportedly taken to the church of Sn Catherine Drexel in Weston, where the father had her in custody. Marianela Zambrano, the church's manager, was consulted about the event, as published by Miami Diario, where she confirmed that the image was taken to the church. "If we knew that the Virgin of the Coromoto was brought to a cave we have here. Many people came to pray and then the owner of the image took it. " He clarified that neither she nor the pastor of the church witnessed the events narrated by the prayer group. "I did not see it, the father did not see it. If we knew why people talk." He clarified that in this type of events so delicate can only give testimony of what is seen. "Many people have come to ask about the image but it is not here, it has the owner." Zambrano explained that to be considered a miracle must go through a process before the Archdiocese of Miami. "It's a very delicate thing and we have to be very cautious."


March 22, 2017 News report video [here].